How to Wear Body Chain Jewelry

Increasingly in vogue, the chain body illuminates us from head to foot, and that’s not all! Nowadays, there are original designs for dressing the head, arms, shoulders and even the ankles. In short, the body jewelry are a lot of fans in Hollywood as well as on the old continent.

But where does this passion for these spectacular creations? First, it comes from Hollywood stars are not afraid to display their exceptional jewelry. Then this trend was quickly picked up by the greatest creators that have managed to adapt more casual version and a lot cheaper. To learn how to wear the famous body chains, we invite you to examine our image gallery at

The body line is modernized to boost the female figure!

Trend, original, glamorous and chic boho inspiration, body chain does not cease to be transformed to dress all parts of the body from the neck down, through arms, bare back , thighs and ankles. This body jewelry is so beautiful and artistic one wonders how one could resist him before rediscovering the great podiums this season!

 Original Body Chain for vitamin summer outfits!

The body chain easily accessory with any outfit, no matter if you want to wear every day on the beach or only for special occasions. This body jewelry has the advantage of turning quickly pendant, necklace, bracelet, belt and … dress!

The chain body trend and its instruction manual in 30 cool pictures!

o sublimate your summer outfits , fashion designers have decided to bet on this multifunctional accessory that takes the air of a body jewel able to make an original fancy at any ordinary jewel. In fact, you no longer need to think how to value your because we have the answer: choose a body chain adorned with ethnic motifs.

The body chain can even take the form of a back gem!

On ethnic or rather fanciful inspiration, body chain is unparalleled to boost a silhouette. To boost your dresses more, it deploys all its magical secret you palette: semiprecious stones, graphic patterns, bohemian figures draped and etc ..

Body Chain to boost your figure!

In short, the body chain offers a wide range of choice to enliven and refresh the sobriety of attire was too strict. Small touches or total look, this body jewel sometimes adorned with silver chains that take the form of a harness, sometimes a simple fairy dress.

Harness-like body of Jewel made of golden chains and tight dress sapphire blue

With a little offbeat look and bling side body line may seem difficult to use. In reality, it is the opposite: it agrees with dark skin, enlivens pale complexions and showcases clothing compositions lacking imagination.

The body chain seizes major podiums to dazzle us with his glamorous style!

In addition, the body easily accessory chain with costume jewelry and accessories bohemian. In combination with some eccentric bracelets and a big bib necklace, it will do wonders on a summer dress or a linen tunic.

  • Golden chain harness to brighten the white silk dress!
  • The body is a great chain essential bohemian wardrobe!
  • This body jewelry is all the rage on the red carpet!
  • The body chain combines all styles without exception!
  • Sometimes it becomes a belt, sometimes by foot gem!
  • Summer dress adorned with a chain of golden body, arms jewel encrusted strap and matching a giant turquoise
  • Brushing natural, nude makeup and gold body chain
  • Enhance the elegance of your evening dresses with a body jewel gold chain!

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