Jewelry And Vintage Fashion/Walkthrough Of Vintage Bracelet

Vintage, classic and romantic Models. Get inspired with some models of vintage costume jewelry and follow a step by step of vintage bracelet very pretty and delicate.

Vintage fashion is a retrograde fashion, a recovery of styles of years 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60.

Some designers attach to the return of the fashions and oitentistas setentistas a certain vintage content, but because they are relatively recent, the term is not properly assigned to these decades. The rescue of fashion “pin-up” is an excellent example of “vintage” fashion. Clothes with fabrics intentionally “worn” are also called vintage, just by having an appearance of used, old.

Step By Step Vintage Cuff Bracelet:

First step: You will need at least one roll of nylon thread or any other kind of durable line for this bracelet and more small beads of the type that don’t break easy with a medium with room to pass a needle thin, you will also need. Pass the thread through the first miçanguinha and the back passing again by the middle of it so that you hold that bead from slipping. Place the miçanguinha at least 50 cm from the end of the line.
Step two: put a number of miçanguinhas after the first 27 and begin stitching. Every ninth miçanguinha you pass the line and so on. Third step: Continue this step always maintaining a certain tension between the beads to give a loose aspect at the end. Step four: now you go to the second round. When you have finished the first braided begin stitching in the middle of the honeys of beads first, but this time you’re not going to put all the beads at once, you’re going to placing them on the needle according to the need. Are five at a time.

Fifth step: At the end of several turns (do have part of the pulse of those who will use it), you will do the finishing button. This will come out of the second round. At this stage you will need a crystal. Notice how he is introduced in the image below. Sixth step: Now you’re going to make the other finishing button the same way as the previous one. Will then be two buttons for the bracelet to be securely attached to the wrist without risk of falling. Seventh step: go to the other side of the bracelet and skirt with the needle in the second ride. Eighth step: take a walk with beads forming the link where you will hold the Crystal buttons. Take this link to a size that will hold in the crystals. Ninth step: to make an interesting finish, follow the template below by adding pearls on the edge of the bracelet.This idea is going to give a vintage air more interesting.

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Collars-priest, golas-ride, soft sleeves, Ruffles, buttons, balonês… Vintage style will lead this season with fashion-inspired trends of the 19th century and the 20th.
Classic clothes of this style are not very suitable for all occasions. It’s nice to wear vintage when the situation demands something more elegant.
Pants, skirts, blouses and dresses with balonês bars are the most daring pieces of this resume. Surrounded by an atmosphere beyond romantic, leave any look chiquééééééérrimo…

And the costume jewelry vintage style?

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