Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope-Vintage Design At Its Best

Yesterday I wrote on Facebook that Junghans rightly stands the Golden balance 2015 with three clocks in the final. A press release just a few hours later ended up with a new model from the Max Bill Chronoscope series in my mailbox. And I must say that I am very impressed…

You can argue about the color of the bracelet may still, on this watch-I just have managed everything else at least at first glance-Especially the beige digits on the grey dial, resembling aged tritium (light source) in vintage watches. Many watch collectors love this look. And gray dials appear to be eh just strong in the trend (see here and here).

The price of this watch is this category at 1,645 euros-and a standard price structure for chronograph.Inside the caliber J880 strikes. 2-a modified ETA/Valjoux 7750 (source).

On amazon , you find also likes this Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope ( ITYPETRAVEL.COM ) below this price-sometimes you’re paying two to three hundred euros of less. And of course there are other colours, dial and bracelet:

Tip: Who appears still too expensive, which can of course also to older and used Chronoscope or look “master” models-or access to the cheaper three pointer versions of Max Bill. Also very pure and beautiful. You can get these watches in the quartz version already around 500 euros-the automatic versions cost around 700-800 Euro. On ebay (affiliate link *) these watches is correspondingly cheaper of course used. Ultimately everyone must decide for themselves, whether new or second-hand is dear. In any case, but a good choice.

Who now feel like a Junghans Max Bill got, which is found in amazon  (partner link *). Depending on the model (quartz, automatic, Chrono) the clocks are there between 475 and 1,590 euros (stand: March 2015).

From The Kitchen Clock Design Icon

Who now the Max-Bill has fever, the look also for table -, wall and kitchen clocks (50s/60s) on the net.Just a little googling-there is much to discover. Old and new. And just the kitchen clocks are true classics with nostalgic charm.

More information about this from the Junghans press release:

“The line of max bill by junghans-” True to the premise of “Form follows function”, the artist and Bauhaus student Max Bill designed a timepiece of a special kind. The logical dial design of the kitchen clock from 1956, wrote design history as a Max Bill wall clock became the characteristic feature of its timepieces and incorporated in 1961 into the design of the first wristwatches from Max with Bill. The artists emphasised the connection between use value and beauty. “With constructive clarity and the pursuit of aesthetic perfection are the design classics of the line max bill by junghans until today almost unchanged manufactured.”