Katadyn Base Camp Pro 10L Water Filter

The drama of the questionable water during a trek: it necessarily speaks to someone. This moment of solitude in the face of the plate desperately empty your box of Micropur and the gamble that follows in deciding to fill your bottles to the first source here while hunger torments you closely. Since the filters have appeared, with more or less efficiency and space according to the usage there. On this topic to make drinking water, the Swiss Katadyn is noticeable at the latest ISPO-see previous news on I-trekking-by winning a Gold Award in the category accessories Outdoor for their Base Camp Pro filter. Review of retail.

A well-designed and ergonomic tool

The Base Camp Pro and its 10 litres embarked the last elements of filtration innovation: the Ultra Flow technology. This system must be able to retain sediment, bacteria and even cysts while offering a rate that can reach up to 2 litres per minute. Thanks to this autonomous system to gravity water runs alone through the glass fiber membrane that filters the microorganisms from 0.2 micron. Equipped with a washable protective film, the service life of the filter can be extended and can filter up to 1 500 liters of water. Note that if high turbidity of the water, the larger particles are retained until they reach the filter: no need to backwash.

A battery option for all-terrain travelers

Pretty nice, the water remaining in the filter level is visible: useful to know when it becomes necessary to fill it up again. The tank is meanwhile simple to complete: a hose equipped with a valve to fast with automatic closing, to remove and it’s done. The valve protects the pipe avoiding touches unfiltered during the filling of the tank water. Filters have also been designed with quick couplings for other hydration systems. Optionally, a shower head to turn the Base Camp Pro in the “cabin”. The Swiss brand guarantees by also the element of filtration from dirt during a year.

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