Key to Flawless Wedding

There are many aspects that must take into account if she is invited or direct part of the wedding, family or ladies: time, place, and temperature. So, don’t miss this interesting post, since here the keys to attend a wedding flawless.

Rule 1. That has to take into account when choosing the outfit for a wedding.

-Adhere to the dress code on the invitation. If no, then take into account the place, time and climate where the wedding will be held by Weddinginfashion.

-For weddings that take place in the day, either in a classroom or outdoor: choose a short dress that is flowing fabrics. You can even choose designs with patterned fabrics.

-For weddings that are held in the evening in a garden: a long dress or short is recommended, but should be of light or patterned fabrics.

-If wedding held in a classroom at night: you can use a dress short or long, if you opt for a short dress, is that it has a luxurious appearance design.

-For the Jubilee label: for this type of wedding should always use long dresses, because it is a super elegant event.

Rule 2. How to interpret the codes of wedding dress. These are the most common:

Tag rigorous or gala: use a beautiful long dress. Never opt for a three-quarter or short dress.

Formal: we recommend the use of a cute short dress to the knee, suit jacket and skirt or pants. Always wear high heels or medium.

Cocktail: for this type of event or wedding you are advised to use a lovely short dress with high heels and elegant or medium.

Formal Beach: use dresses, short or long, the important thing is that are fresh and fluid, fabrics that can be stamped with floral motifs. These dresses used to run high-heel shoes or sandals.

Rule 3. What should never be used in a wedding day and one night.

-For a wedding that takes place on the day you don’t have to wear dress with embroidery of stones and excessive glare.

-If the wedding is outdoors on the beach, do not make the mistake of a velvet dress to wear.

-On the wedding day and the beach wedding you don’t have to use clothing of taverns or too low-cut, since these items give an inappropriate image.

-In any type of wedding is recommended either dresses and white dresses too clear.

-Remember, in any wedding should be your daily accessories, rather get accessories that are special for weddings.

Rule 4. How dress the bridesmaids in a wedding. Then I leave some tips for the bridesmaids:

-They will look appropriate and always follow the instructions that tell them the bride.

-Never have to go very low-cut.

-Do not use accessories that make them highlight more than the bride.