Keyboards for iPad Mini in the Comparison Test

Touch frustration ade! Bluetooth keyboards make typing on the iPad mini just much easier. We have tested five models tip.

Touch screen or no – who would like to typing longer texts, messages or status messages with his iPad mini, which can become beautiful life with a Blueetooth keyboard. Because nothing is annoying to hammer as constantly on a “delete” button because you are once again has mistyped. And this not just rarely happens on the relatively closely the Virtual QWERTY keyboard keys depending on the skill.

External keyboards remedy with real, mechanical push-buttons here. There, the question arises: can I use my iPad mini and a Bluetooth keyboard to work so easily, that I Mac or MacBook largely left can leave? We have looked at mini exactly five Bluetooth keyboards for iPad, were with the iPad mini-plus keyboard suit as a sole computer for four days on a business trip and have powerful on the road carved into the keyboards.

Kensington KeyFolio Pro2 – iPad mini and keys tucked well

Kensington’s mini iPad and keyboard in a sleek leather case, which gives the whole thing an analog touch. The case sits well in your hand and looks like a small Briefcase, which is elegant and tidy; mini between iPad and keyboard is even a loop for a pen. On the other hand, the whole construct on whopping 32 to 35 millimeters thick swells and brings more than 630 grams.

The keyboard is attached to the case by magnetic and can simply be removed. Velcro, the Tablet page is fixed so that the combination of almost like a NetBook looks. The angle of inclination is but slightly too steep for our taste. Who types with index finger and look at the keyboard, cope with the layout. Who wants to work blind and in the Ten-finger system, will have problems with the closely set keys and the rather spongy pressure point.

Summary There is a real eye-catcher for 55 euro. The close button position and the weak pressure point are problematic

  • Processing: 60%
  • Tip feeling: 40%
  • Handiness: 30%

Arctic of iPad mini keyboard case – great keys and all-round protection

IPad mini well protected in the keyboard case of Arctic. The Tablet fits both portrait and landscape mode safely in the recess provided for above the keyboard. Transportation you put that iPad mini with the screen in the direction of keyboard on the case. Four rubber spacers keep discreet distance screen and buttons at the corners.

Tablet and case are together just 15 mm high and weighing Less than 500 grams – these are very good values. Is also able to run the keys: the single handle are about 3 millimeters apart, so that even blind 10-finger writing almost effortlessly manages. Unfortunately only almost: Missing umlauts and ß on the layout and must be entered via the touch screen. A bagatelle? Unfortunately, no. Pressure point and distance the keys also are as good – without umlauts and ß our writing flow is slowed greatly.

Summary For 50 euro a really good keyboard case. The only point of criticism: the umlauts indispensable in German missing

  • Processing: 80%
  • Tip feeling: 80%
  • Handiness: 80%

Dipse iPad-shell protects the display and offers a super tip feeling

Slim, handy and with a very good keyboard. The individual push buttons of the keyboard have a clean pressure point and are good 3 mm apart. This allows a pleasant rhythm of writing also for the blind ten-finger tap, without having the finger in the way stand or hit the wrong button. Class: The ß will be there, where’s hingehört-in the top row of numbers on the P. The Ö as usual sits right next to the L, Ä and Ü are via the links below placed function key is entered. This works great – a bit of practice, and the tip flow is continuing apace.

Whether in Portrait or landscape: The iPad mini orientation engages in both securely into the slot. Four spacers keep display and keyboard during transport at a distance; the whole package is also on the road pretty handy with 14 mm height and 466 grams weight.

Summary Happy writing without compromise: keyboard case with a super sense of tip and screen protector – for only 30 euros

  • Processing: 70%
  • Tip feeling: 80%
  • Handiness: 90%

Belkin F5L145deBLK – class processes, best keyboard in the test

At the same time, the Belkin solution is keyboard and case. Keyboard and iPad mini are packed in a case. The consistently rubberized material of the sleeve feels elegant; the flexible back can be fold down so that the display in a comfortable angle to the keyboard. It’s also handy: 22 mm height and 578 grams weight go wrong. One shortcoming of the otherwise well thought-out construction: there are No standoffs between Tablet and keyboard – closed the display lies flat on the keys.

The keyboard itself is managed. ß and umlauts are easy to reach either directly or placed over the short detour to the left bottom button. The arrow keys are right down clean deposed – incorrect inputs excluded. Because the buttons are clearly separated and the pressure point is well defined, blind ten finger – able writing quickly and easily.

Summing up 70 euro are good – feeling tip is excellent. The missing standoffs are but a shortcoming

  • Processing: 90%
  • Tip feeling: 90%
  • Handiness: 60%


GeneralKeys Bluetooth Mini keyboard – more something for home

No case, no case – a simple, naked keyboard. For the Bluetooth Mini keyboard of GeneralKeys is hardly suitable, since neither case nor other anchoring possibilities are provided. The keyboard comes without any frills, just weighs 160 grams and will probably land on the desk in the majority of cases. She has there always securely thanks to non-slip rubber feet.

Too bad: The keyboard layout is not in the Apple – but in the Windows theme . You can take it though, but we miss the missing Apple function keys. To compensate the generously-sized pushers with a pleasant pressure point. Even blind ten finger writing is not a problem; who is skilled, copes very well here. Only the right shift key has got slightly too small for our liking: fast typing we landed several times on the arrow – instead of the SHIFT key.

Summary For only 25 euro a very strong appearance of General-keys keyboard. We just miss the Apple layout

  • Processing: 80%
  • Tip feeling: 80%
  • Handiness: 70%


Sure thing: the iPad mini and an external keyboard are a strong team and are as well use notebook replacement. Well, not in any case – but in the vast majority. So the tester at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona had only the end of February iPad mini and the Belkin keyboard – that was the mobile computer. No problem was to write this email and even test reports on the spot. And we have enjoyed it to be light on the fair. Who had a notebook under his arm already once for days on such or similar occasions, is can understand that.

The best keyboard in the field comes from Belkin: thanks to clean pressure point and well used buttons, 10-finger writing with her goes loosely by hand. This also applies to the keyboards from Dipse and Arctic, where unfortunately from the outset leaves the latter due to the missing umlauts for German writers. The Kensington variant is chic with its analogue. However, not everyone with the closely set keys copes – typos are not a rarity.