Kimono: The Favorite Jacket Of Every Fashionista

This traditional piece from Japan has also captured hearts across the Atlantic. It can be combined in a variety of ways and is worn chic, but also casually.Whether long or short, imprinted or simple, the numerous versions that Kimonos have to offer are something for everyone.

Even if the kimono has already found a place in our wardrobe as early as 2014, he will be set up again this season. The different patterns allow us to wear this jacket at any event-whether in the office or at the beach. Its feminine and playful look gives professional outfits a little gentleness, while the hippie lovers come with printed and fringed variations of the kimono at their expense. Discover the boundless possibilities that this eye-catcher offers.

Short Or Long?

The easiest way is to combine the short kimono. For a casual, casual look we recommend a variant with a trendy design like this one by Manon Baptiste. This fits perfectly into a light trousers and a simple white top and forms the highlight of the look. For office outfits we also prefer the short version as it will give your elegant combination of blouse and pants the necessary modern touch. However, choose a high-quality kimono to keep your outfit chic and elegant according to your environment.

The long kimono reminds us even more of its Japanese origin, as this is inspired by the Japanese bathrobes. This crocheted, half-transparent version of Zizzi is ideal for cooler summer nights at the beach, as your fabric will make your outfit glimmer. You can also combine a belt to your long kimono if you want to put your waist in a trendy way.

Summer Or Winter?

The summer tends slowly but surely to the end, but the winter days are still far from us. This transitional season makes it particularly difficult for us to choose the right outfit. To be able to enjoy the Indian summer with warm temperatures in September fashionably, it is best to wear a kimono made of lace that covers just enough to make it neither too warm nor too cold. Chiffon is a very pleasant fabric that will flatter your skin and flatter your outfit.

This winter velvet will be THE great trend. So do not hesitate to get this wonderful velvet kimono from Manon Baptiste. Because with this copy you will steal all the show. At colder temperatures, heavier velvet qualities are recommended to protect you from the cold. This noble material also has a very elegant effect on parties, if you wear it over a figurbetonten dress.

Equipped Or Uniformed?

The patterned kimono is undoubtedly the star of every music festival. We find it on every streetstyle photo.Whether flowered, printed with ethno-pattern or paisley-print-it is the icing on the cake to your outfit. We love this style of Mat, which captivates with the fringes and its fresh colors.

At the same time, however, the plain plain kimono version is a true all-rounder, which will harmonize with all your favorite clothes. Ideal for creating a fashionable touch in a discreet way, this jacket can be integrated into your business wardrobe.