Knit Winter Sweater: 7 Pieces to Make

Gorgeous! The fast patent pattern is again in fashion, here as a rolli with kimono sleeves. Size S and L. Beige color: Bouton D’Or. Trousers: Imitz.

Very casual: The great thing about this wide-cut sweater is the huge roll collar and the two large straps with hole pattern. Size S and L. Brown mottled wool: Long. Trousers: Tom Tailor.Shoes: Paco Gil.

Second home: A very long sweater(78 cm) with roll collar and long sleeves. As comfortable as a November afternoon with tea on the sofa. Size M. Gray Tweed Wool: Lana Grossa.Tights: Falke. Ballerinas: Apart by Otto. Different kinds of sweaters can be found at COSYCARDIGAN.

If your husband asks you: Of course, the most up-to-date Oversize V-neck sweater would suit him-but if you lend him? Size M. Black Wool: Lana Grossa. Trousers: H & M. Shirt: Patrizia Pepe. Shoes: Apart by Otto.Chain: Agatha.

Fits perfectly to the rustic British tweed look and the matching Glencheck patterns: small cardigan with short sleeves. Size S. Brown wool: Lana Grossa. Shirt: H & M. Trousers: Cinque. Chain: Agatha. Bracelets: Bijou Brigitte. Satin ribbon: Alsterhaus.

This jacket is a real protector: long, knitted right, with a large collar and belt. If you have a bad day, you can hide in it, and no one notices-after all, one looks brilliant. Size L. Natural Wool: Junghans Wool. Trousers: Donaldson. Top: Schumacher. Chain: H & M. Shoes: René Lezard.

You need it not only because it is so hip, but also because it is so practical: the simple straight-knit bolero can be put on to everything-to the evening dress just like the jeans. Size S. Black Wool: Gedifra. Shirt: Schumacher. Rock: Clasen.

Download: The knitting instructions as PDF

You want to knit one of these winter sweaters? All seven instructions for the winter sweaters are available here for downloading and printing!