LaCie Cloudbox in the Test

The Cloudbox was easy to configure in the test and is suitable for those who prefer to store their data in the own cloud.

Our review of the LaCie Cloudbox

LaCie Cloudbox

Test score:

  • Handling/configuration: 95%
  • Facilities: 70%
  • Multimedia functionality: 80%
  • Backup functionality: 60%

Whoever unwraps the Cloudbox, is surprising in many ways. Even in the 2-terabyte version weighing just 4.5 centimeters high dwarf little: 950 grams.

Only a power switch hidden on the back of the box next to the power and LAN port. The purpose of the Cloudbox is mainly building a private cloud for people who prefer home want to have their data to trust than a cloud provider in unknown realms somewhere on the Internet. And they consistently pursues this goal.

Installation: Just plug, here we

Also the commissioning a NAS can not imagine easier: power and network cables connect and wait for the blue strip at the front bottom of the Cloudbox by the flashing in the steady state changes. It takes between three and nine minutes.

The more the small Cloud Server configuration is done via the Internet browser. “Laciecloudbox” to reach the “Dashboard”, in which in particular the remote access is established. Only the user name, password, and box – you must think of name, then the Cloudbox via the Internet is accessible.

Facilities: No backups

Certainly, you can use the maximum of 3 terabytes of single disk to create backups. The Time machine functionality comes with the LaCie. But anyone who wants to outsource data safely from his Mac, should choose a different NAS: breaks the hard drive, the data is gone.

The Cloudbox (capacity: 1 to 3 TB, price: 150-€220) is mainly designed to provide the multimedia data and documents for mobile devices and home network as a Media Server , without requiring that the computer must be running. This consumes much less power than large NAS with multiple panels with 11 Watts maximum and requires no fan, what makes them work quiet as a whisper.

Up to 10 users can be configured in the dashboard, file sharing can be done via the included 10 GB online storage on Wuala. And who has tuned his Apple TV with fire core, also easily accesses the Cloudbox as media server.

Conclusion: Compact and easy

Easy to installing, space – and power-saving, silent cloud server.