Large Living Room: 8 Tips to Take Advantage of the Room

Overcoming the “enormity” and favour the comfort is the main challenge of a big living room. See Tips for decorating!

The large living room is the sweet spot of many people, after all, it allows you to do more elaborate, sophisticated décor and without so many restrictions because of the little room. Check out tips to take advantage of the environment in the best possible way!

Considered one of the most important rooms of the House, the living room is a perfect place to receive visits or gather the whole family for a good conversation. The environment calls for a welcoming, comfortable and decor that reflects the personality of the residents. This can be a bit difficult when the area has a lot of free space.

How to take advantage of the large living room space?

Make room for a large living room doesn’t mean cluttering the room with furniture and decorative objects. Here are some tips for decorating the Division:

1-Set a decorating style

Before you begin decorating the room, residents need to set the style. Will be classical, modern or romantic? Based on this choice, you can buy furniture and decorative objects.

2-take note of the measures

Know the measurements of the living room is a fundamental criterion for choosing the furniture and leave no margin for error. Therefore, use a measuring tape to measure the walls and the size of the entire space. You can also calculate the dimensions of the room based on the size of the open hand.

2-Use the mobile

Other than the small living room, the great room does not have so many restrictions regarding the amount of furniture and the size of the pieces. The ideal, however, is to preserve open spaces to encourage the movement of residents (without obstacles to divert).

Choose a model of large, comfortable sofa and imposing. You can also bet on corner tables and coffee table. Space left? Consider creating new points of accommodation with armchairs.

3-Work in lighting

In addition to promoting the visibility inside the room, the lighting also serves to highlight the strengths of the room, such as a sculpture or a painting. Place corner tables and fixtures also use built-in spots to emphasize a framework or other special decorative item.

4-the choice of colors

In the small room, the tenant must give preference for clear and neutral colors to create a sense of spaciousness. In the big room there is this problem, so it is possible to bet on a more colorful and cheerful décor.

Practically all colors combine with the great room, but care must be taken to set combinations. A good tip is the palette combines the red with similar colours, namely Orange and yellow or purple and orange. Thus, it is possible to formulate an interesting gradient of warm colours and increase the feeling of closeness.

The use of color in the living room can happen through painting the walls, the choice of furniture and decorative objects.

5-arrangement of elements

Think carefully in the space you have to decorate and dismember the room areas, considering your format. Then, consider the environments separately: a corner for reading, an area for accommodation with sofas, an area to watch TV and a place to put the dining table. Choose the furniture for each area always seeking a proportion between the elements.

At the time of drawing up the great room decor, be careful not to exaggerate the amount of sofas, armchairs and chairs. This can leave the living room look like the waiting room and doesn’t line up with the search for comfort.

You can use any “obstacle” in favour of the environment in order to break a little the very broad sense of space. The coffee table or Bookshelf are interesting options in this regard.

6-enjoy plenty of room

You moved to a new home with great room, distributed all his furniture and space left? Then consider making substitutions. Choose two keystones to the room to buy new copies. The couch, for example, can be replaced with a larger model.

7-don’t be afraid of the prints, textures and dark colors

Light colors reflect light and let the environment apparently higher, so they should stay in the background in a large room. The ideal is to work with dark tones, because they oppose the light and make the space seem smaller and cozy. Brown, grey and dark green are great choices to reduce the feeling of spaciousness.

The use of textures, through a rug shag, is also recommended for large rooms, as well as decorating with prints, through wallpaper and pillows.

8-Frames, vases and plants

Decorate the walls with paintings, always respecting the style and the rule of proportions. If still the spacious living room seem empty, use vases to decorate the furniture and plants suitable for indoor environments.

And there? Like the tips for decorating living room large? Leave a comment with your opinion.