Latest Color Trends in Clothes 2016

Besides Serenity Rose Quartz is the new trend color 2016. This is nothing but a pale pink meant that you now findest in all variations.

New Trend Color Pink-Girly or Romantic?

This delicate pastel polarized. While some women can not do without this color, others demonize him outright. The reason is its effect and association. The new color Pink is a lovely color that is positive tender with the attributes, gentle, calm, or even cute and romantic busy. It is often associated with babies and is the epitome of a girlish color that little kids love. Adult women are therefore sometimes ridiculed when they opt for a pink-pink outfit. To prevent this from happening, I give you below a few tips on how you combine the trend color pink. You’ll see that Rosa has not only the stuff for a girly look, but also may look romantic and noble.

Who is Rosa?

Da Rosa Rosa is not the same, but many different shades has, he can not see well with every woman of the same. A warm Altrosa is women with a brown and green eyes, and a medium to dark complexion. The cool pale pink, however, can enhance the blue eyes and fair complexion stress. But as always in fashion, it comes down to personal preference. Therefore you test the best in natural light before the mirror, if you is your pink dud.

As Rosa is combined? Tips & Tricks

As with all other colors also fit black, white and gray to pink. Other pastels also harmonize with the new trend color pink, just like the strong natural colors red, green, brown or purple. Metallic colors look interesting and Hot out with Rosa.

So you feminine, beautiful and grown up look despite Rosa, you should keep a few tips:

  • A cute color looks quite different with clean cuts and a female lines . A pink shift dress plus size looks very elegant, while the flared skirt in pink may seem overloaded with lace trimming.
  • Carrying only a part in Pink and combine the remaining Plus Size outfit with neutral colors. This Your look is classy and is even suitable for business.
  • Flashy accessories serve as contrast and break the girlish effect. For pink Top Oversized you access to huge Shoppingbag in black, create large hoop earrings and wear a wide belt.
  • Rosa works well with graphic and floral patterns as well as animal prints. Try it and you’ll see that the large sizes Blümchenkleid or pink leopard leggings work well.
  • High-quality clothing with a good processing and materials that do not immediately lose their shape when washed-this is the secret of a successful plus size looks and of course also for larger sizes of women fashion clothing in pink.
  • Combining pink top and a blue jeans always works!

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