Leather Jacket Fashion Trend 2016

Take the most beautiful and stylish spring simple. The designers presented collections attention to women in which many favorite and new models, both classic and original solutions.

Spring Jackets – Current Models

Special attention should be paid to the following options:

Leather jacket will become the trend something in your wardrobe. Incidentally, fashion leather jackets spring – no need products natural material. Designers actively use. Artificial substitute some advantages – it is a much lower price of leather, but it is no worse “breathable properties”, moreover, fails moisture. Stunning leather jackets can be seen in the collections of Burberry, Emporio, Miu Miu, Armani featured on programingplease.com.

Denim jackets remain no less relevant this season than in the previous one. Mandatory primeryte bright and tattered denim, which is wonderfully represented in the collections of Anna Sui, Au Jour Le Jour.

Quilted jackets also popular, in addition, they may be either wholly prostegany and have only individual parts, decorated in this way. The best examples can be seen Tibi, Polo Ralph Lauren, Miu Miu.

Kosuhi – this is something that, no matter how strange, makes the image more feminine and romantic, especially in combination with light dresses and skirts. If you like the more subtle things – buy white kosuhu, for example, such as Anrealage.

Park also is in the top list of most current models. Its length can reach the middle of the thigh to the knee or even. Park-style casual, no doubt excellent, suitable for everyday and travel outside the city. Look great parks in implementation of Elie Tahari, Greg Lauren, Hunter Original.

Features of the Modern Women’s Jackets

Fashion jackets for spring-summer have their own unique traits that are reflected both in cutting and in decor:

Leather upholstery, which performs in this case not only in its basic function, but, above all, decorative;

Military print – the new trend that promises to keep on catwalks;

Lack of sleeves of jackets – elegant and expensive the hell dobavlyayushtaya way of helplessness;

Emphasis on the waist, slim silhouette makes, among other things, this can be achieved not only by means of a belt.
The color range fashion jackets spring extremely diverse and should taste and pastel tones and girls amazing color mixes.