LED Lights for Bike

If you like to go with the bike throw kilometers, either by road, mountain or city, and are looking for a quality bike lights pack, for a correct visibility when you city at night or in low light, attentive to the bargain that we have here.

It’s pack of LED ThorFire lights for bike, consisting of a front headlight and rear light, which you can find at the moment in eBicyclelights by only 33,99 EUR.

Surely you know that when you city bike, both in road town, it is so important to have adequate visibility of the space by which you move, as to be easily visible by other vehicles or pedestrians. It depends on your safety and that of other people.

As well, the lights LED ThorFire pack includes everything you need to see and you see correctly, since it includes a battery powered LED headlight and a rear red light that works with batteries (because its consumption is very low).

LED headlight has a great power, with 4 light modes: low, medium, high, and flashing (flashing). In the highest mode of lighting light reaches around the 200 metres away, and according to feedback from users is comparable to the headlight of a motorcycle. It is manufactured in aluminium, with a very robust appearance, and is IPX-7 waterproof, so you can use it without problems even if it rains.

This Lighthouse operates on a 8,800 mAh battery, which attaches easily with a Pocket Bike bar strong and stable. In addition, the package includes all cables and adapters needed to recharge the battery at home.

Back light emits a red light, to show your location to other vehicles or pedestrians. But most interesting is that in addition to issuing pilot’s position, it is able to emit two strips of red LED light towards the ground, on both sides of the bike, defining a space us around as we move. This is the light that you were saying that it runs on batteries.

As if it wasn’t enough, both headlight assembly is very simple, and the box includes everything you need to complete the installation in a few minutes. Also comes the battery and cables for charging. Headlight battery has an estimated duration of 57 hours in low mode, 8.5 hours in half and 4.5 hours on high.

If you are looking for a pack of quality lights for your bike do not hesitate a second and now get this pack ThorFire only €33,99. All buyers’ ratings are excellent, with a mean of 5 on 5-point maximum score:

I am hallucinating with my new bike lighting equipment. It is a kit consisting of a very compact and beautiful, focus made in aluminum which is also waterproof, this is for the headlight, I am not exaggerating more than my bike light illuminates, it is fantastic, you can circular anywhere in complete darkness, too much light. You carry a separate lithium battery, protected by a waterproof pouch that fits to any part of the bike with a velcro.

It is very easy to install, just attach a rubber and is everything perfect in one minute! Lighthouse front feed a battery pack that attaches with a velcro on the bike bar, and it is loaded with cables and adapters that come with the pack. It has four different modes (high, medium, low and discontinuous), that changed only giving a big button that is in the same beacon, and the truth is that I expected not that it flashes both, the higher seems a bike light!

It is essential for our bicycle device, especially when we move through the night with her. It lights the way that we must follow in a wonderful way with a bright light.
It illuminates more than 200 meters away and produces a great view at night helping us see clearly all the way.
Very important is that if it’s raining does not absolutely nothing because wet since it is resistant to rain by your IPX-7 specification.