LED Ribbon Lights Reviews

As you can see in our previous article” “.10 examples of ribbons decoration LED”, the LED strips allow to customize its lighting and give its interior decoration style. If you are tempted by the purchase of LED strips, here are some tips for making the right choice.

The color of your Ribbon LED

At ListofledLights.com you have a wide choice of models that cover all the needs inbands LED:

RGB LED Ribbon or ribbons LED color change

If you want to modulate your lighting both at the level of intensity at the level of the color of the RGB LED Ribbonlight are the ideal solution.

Indeed, associated with a controller equipped with a remote control, you can easily choose the color of the light and even change the flashing or the color change mode.

The connection of the LED RGB Ribbon on the inverter is done simply by linking the 4 sons of the Ribbon to the drive via a system of screws present on the drive.

The LED color fixed or monochrome ribbons

These LED strips do not allow to change color, but are useful to give color to your rooms. They are available in Blue, Green, yellow or Red in standard version 3528 or in version high-brightness as main lighting for the room.

IF you want a more conventional lighting, our White LED strips are available in two shades:

  • Warm white(3000 ° K): this color is closest to those of incandescent or halogen bulbs, it is warm and will work with your lighting.
  • White color of the day(6000 K): close to the light of day as its name suggests, it is colder without being blue.

For more information on the lighting color temperatures, you can read the article: ‘ the most important before choosing an LED bulb ‘.».

Equivalent power, the white color of the day may seem brighter than the warm white, if you need a powerful lighting, it is to promote.

Sealing of a Ribbon LED

Waterproof LED Strip

All our LED strips are available in two finishes:

  • That is not waterproof IP20 which are reserved for indoor installation only.
  • IP65 or waterproof LED Ribbon is wrapped in transparent silicone making it waterproof.Associated with an IP65 transformer you can install too good inside than outside.

The power of a Ribbon LED

You will find three types of ribbons at Ledsdiscount led: RGB we mentioned above, and the monochrome LED strips available in standard 3528 (35 x 28 mm size LED) and the LED strips high brightness 5050 (50 x 50 mm for these more powerful LED).

The choice of the power of your ribbons LED depends on the use that you do want to do.

  • Fora decorative lighting on shelves, niches or for indirect ambient lighting (ceiling, behind the TV…), a Ribbon standard LED 3528 with 30 LEDs per meter will prove sufficient.
  • Forlighting to highlight items in a window or for the work plan of the kitchen for example or for indirect lighting of type cornice or skylight, the standard to 60 LEDs per meter LED Strip is preferable.
  • If you want that the tape LED is the main source of light in your room, should opt fora LED Ribbon high brightness 5050 who will be strong enough.

The power of LED Ribbon

In order to ensure the proper functioning of your LED strips for a maximum, it is advisable to use special power supplies LED 12 volt current DC (12V DC).

Please choose it depending on the type of LED Strip and its use:

  • For outside or a potentially wet room, it will choosea transformer waterproof (IP65).
  • For the Interior, an IP20 processor will do.

If you have a large length of tape to install, please make sure that the sum of the powers of all the ribbons LED (length in meter x power per meter) is less than the power of the transformer by taking a margin of 15%, as we explain here: ‘ How to install a LED Ribbon?. ».

Don’t be afraid to take a more powerful processor, it will no longer consume: a 25 watt power supply connected to a Ribbon 15 Watt LED consumes only 15 watts.