LEDON With New LED Lamps

LEDON Shines With Unique LED Lamps

The company LEDON offers again some innovative products in the LED area, for example the color rings which we have already presented in an extra article or the LED downlights compatible with MR 16 with reflector optics or the LED AR111 light:

Determine The Color Of Your LEDON Spots

Now you can adjust the color of your LED spots to the color
of the mounting frame
Color rings are available for the entire range of
Art. No. 28000174 is already supplied including Color Rings.
All other LEDON LED spots can be ordered via our customer service

LEDON LED Downlight MR16 With Reflector Optics

Excellent dimming capability
10 Watt, 600 Lumen, 90 Ra, 2700 Kelvin !!!
Ideal replacement for 50 watt MR16 low-voltage halogen lamps

Ledon Led Ar111 13 Watt 40° G53

13 Watt, 780 Lumen, 90 Ra, 2700 Kelvin

Perfect optics based on conventional AR111
halogen reflector lamps

For professional requirements


The LEDON company is currently offering an interesting profit game.

From now, LEDON raffles several places for a weekend trip to Transylvania. Experience an unforgettable evening at the castle, your employees or customers and meet Graf Dracula personally for dinner.

LEDON luminaires are likely to illuminate the world-famous “Dracula Castle” in Romania’s Transylvania, as they give such a beautiful and comfortable light that even the rather opaque Count Dracula is delighted.

You can find more about the LED lamp at zephyrledlights.com.