Leggins At 20, 30 And 40: How To Combine The Most Comfortable Garment Of Spring At Any Age

Many of you will be exclaiming that it is enough of leggins, but it seems that the streets are flooded again with the arrival of the good weather: will definitely have to be removed from the head are meshes to start thinking of them as pants?

Because you see we’ve tried times. Be it in its freshest and sporting version in the form of cyclists, in its renamed form of jeggings or incorporating novel elements like network techniques, the comfort of the leggins is reluctant to abandon us.

Are you aiming at me to stop hating them?

Seeing the other day how great it can be with a pair of leggings, a master class that the young Elle McPhersonunwittingly offered us, I began to rethink my suspicion of this garment. And I came back to value that it is only suitable for young girls. They are great with maneuvers, they can not be more comfortable (I refuse to meet years or gain pounds and give up the practical) and feel phenomenal regardless of our silhouette combined with something long that dissimulates tightness without bulging.

The legs or the contour is the least if we compensate over (then we put on elastic narrow jeans without worrying the least and the difference is not so much).

No, not that: they do not understand ages and but look how good they feel in a less informal plan to another forty in full form like Naomi Watts. As we checked with Jessica Alba on the cover, which is about to enter the thirties, it ended up associating the tightness of the pants with the taste or the years.

What do you say to me but another potent thirty-year-old like Sienna Miller? Although the re-brideshed girlfriend of Jude Law are more jeggins (and yes, she is always dressed and one loses the notion of time with her).

It is clear that only twenty-year-olds such as Whitney Port dare with the most spectacular versions. And at night.

Although Port herself, an expert in these tasks thanks to the delicate and infinite lower limbs that nature has given her, is also capable of perpetrating much less extreme looks. As you can see there are options for all. And the one who does not dare is because he does not want to.