Less Bra Beneficial Than We Thought!

They have always told us that this undergarment is the best tool to keep firm our chest, but recent research shows just the opposite.

One of the things that we love to do when I get home is get rid of secured r, and thus make way for comfort after using it a whole day. However many women feel regret spending too long without it, and some more extreme use it even to sleep .

And, always, we have heard that the use of bra helps prevent our chest to fall prematurely, offering support and also allowing a sensual look neckline. But science now shows that our beliefs were apparently very wrong.

The Besançon University, located in France, was commissioned to conduct a study conducted over 15 years in 330 women aged 18 to 35 who agreed to participate, evaluating rigorously the changes that had breasts voluntary for all this time. Who wore bra frequently showed a greater sagging and breast deterioration after 15 years than those who do not use it . In fact the free group of this undergarment showed better tone and a favorable change in the position of the nipple, which rose to 7 millimeters per year in some cases.

Evidence shows that their effectiveness in preventing sagging and avoid the effects of gravity is not what you think, because when used limit the growth of the supporting tissue of the breast benefiting sagging. That coupled with that most women choose the wrong way bra, make the decision to get rid of it and walk as God brought the world copper great force.

And you think, with or without a bra?