LG G Pad 8.3: chic FullHD Tablet Unveiled

The G 8.3 pad comes in elegant casing and with brisk quad-core processor.Whether it has mobile phone on board, is not yet known.

With the LG G2 of the South Korean Group has an absolute top Smartphone already announced, now they send afterwards still an interesting flat computer G pad 8.3 with the LG. 8.3 inch tablet that should be in the fourth quarter (possibly around Christmas time) in black and white, but will be issued as the G2 on the IFA in Berlin (6-9-11).


The Tablet, I think, is a real eye-catcher. The back of brushed aluminum makes a lot here especially in the black version. As other Tablet manufacturers (such as Samsung, Apple) could cut quite times a disk is. 338 g weight and the depth of 8.33 mm go in the choice of material and the size of fully in order.

Powered the G pad 8.3 by a Snapdragon S600-quad-core processor, which pulses with 1.7 GHz per core and a 2 GB large memory is supported. The internal memory 16 GB measures, whether the latter is expandable, is not yet known. The display raises with 1920 x 1200 pixels on (FullHD), which corresponds to a pixel density of 272 in ppi.

Knock on

Other well-known features include a 1.3 MP front and 5-Megpixel rear camera, as well as a 4,600 mAh battery, and Android 4.2.2. This one comes with a range of in-house software gimmicks. So you can by tapping with 2 fingers the display and switch off (“knock on”), several apps in up to three Windows can be viewed with QSlide side by side and by a “Three finger Swype” can toggle between open applications and switch.

With “QPair”, you eventually can send SMS and calls from a Smarpthone on the tablet. The Smartphone must not be absolutely be from LG, but needs Android up in version 4.1.


The G pad 8.3 a new and exciting tablet on the market comes with, in terms of size and facilities in a way the gap between budget tablets like the Google nexus 7.2 and Apple iPad mini on the one hand, and high-end tablets like the Sony Xperia Tablet Z or Apple iPad 4 closes on the other side. Now the price is right, the Tablet could certainly follow. Or what do you think?