Life-Altering Tips: the Right Size Bra

Hello, my name is clear, I’m 35 years old and my breasts didn’t stop growing.

Before the age of 20 I did a breast reduction surgery, took literally a pound that was weighing on my poor young back and … they have grown again.

Due to the nipples, suffer forever to find bra. Or was off in the back and chest, good or good on the back and small in the chest with her nipples sticking out and the wire catucando. Uncomfortable, without support, horrible. I spent days of my life putting the teat inside and fixing the chest when nobody was looking and more than once I was half naked in public because the nipples were escaping from inside the BRA directly out the neckline. Nothing nice.

I could only buy Bras when traveling, and even then, not knowing my size, I still missed sometimes.

Now I know I’m 46 D. Last year I was 46 C, because, as said, those breasts don’t stop.

I know because the girl measured me at Loungerie.

Without exaggeration:my life has changed. Serious. Seen and forget, my breasts are there happy, firmões, without jumping out, without pull-stretches-fix and without bothering me, beautiful.

I know you must have other stores that do this to measure the back and the chest, but the bras are so beautiful and comfortable that it’s worth a post.

And Oh, are cheaper than these famous brands that usually don’t come with “d”.

It’s not publi, see? Is love really.

Is that thing, people:they’re not my breasts that have to fit the BRA, the BRA’s that fit them.