Lighting Secrets For Living Room

The secrets of good lighting in the living room

Is to meet with family, with friends, the living room is always used in special situations. So, whatever the use, the environment should be comfortable and cozy all the time.

Visual comfort

When you choose and position the luminaires must take into account the glare. Unfavorable position may lead to a blurring direct (direct visualization of the bulb) or a glare reflected (through reflective surfaces or shiny), impairing vision.

You must provide an environment with absence of reflections of the bright light on the walls and objects, to allow a greater visual comfort.

In addition, the lighting fixtures like wall sconces should be installed at eye level to avoid glare.

Lighting level recommended

Average lighting: 50 to 150 lux.

Direct/indirect lighting

It is one of the most frequented environments in a House, the living room should provide flexible lighting according to each situation.

The first step is to establish a general lighting for the environment. In this case, one option is to use a direct lighting through crown molding or wall sconces, avoiding the blurring. Another option is to use direct lighting by translucent dome lamps or chandeliers, lighting the faces of a nice way.

A second step is to highlight LED lighting (for example: collection of paintings, Bookshelf, artwork). In this case inline steerable, may be used to provide a shower of light on the surface illuminated.

Avoid just installing on the sofa, so as not to cause glare. A texture on the wall or a fireplace can also be highlighted with the technique of “light bath” (wallwasher), distributing embedded the 20 cm from the wall, equally spaced.

Color temperature

In order to provide a more cozy lighting is recommended to work with shade lamps of 2700 k to 3000 k (warm white).