LED Lamp of Philips Hue in the Test

Philips has attracted much attention with the controllable LED light hue. The open system allows third-party developers to implement their own ideas with the app-controlled LED lamp. We have tested hue.

“Evening sky fascinated throughout Germany,” bild.de headlined one of the many beautiful summer evenings this year on 9 August, and described romantically transfigured the beautiful red coloring of the dusk these days.

Lighting scenes with us people for a lifetime, and the experts agree: who experienced the matching light environment for the right situation, feel and stay healthier. This applies particularly in houses and apartments. The lighting affect even the hormone production of the people, control our internal clock and ensure that we feel tired or fit.

Not surprisingly therefore that the Philips Lighting control Pack is hue currently on everyone’s lips. The Starter Kit contains a small white control box, the so-called “bridge”, which is connected to the home network, as well as three light bulbs with E27 socket. Who hue want to purchase that should check, whether in the areas he wants to equip also E27 suitable for lamps. Philips bulbs with many other version already has announced.

The installation is simple and easy to understand: the “bridge” the power and LAN cable bulbs screw into the light and the free IOS connect to the local router, or load Android app to your Smartphone or Tablet PC. It is ready to use hue.

The LivingColors Bloom Friends of hue by Philips, the newest addition to the intelligent light hue is. You can illuminate rooms in almost any color imaginable for 79.95 euros.

But what can hue? With the official free app from Philips, you can conjure up pre-programmed scenarios in the room. A Timer function makes it possible programming at all times of the day.

A great idea is the use allow your own photographs as a basis for a lighting situation. The private photo is uploaded from the photo archive of Smartphone or Tablet directly into the app. There, three color areas for the respective Hue incandescent lamps can be set individually on the screen – this is the personal Setup, they can call about even after the resort where her sunset scene (with yellow and red coloring of the lamps) or the photo of a mountain lake (blue and green) is created.

Thanks to the function geofencing, which is controlled by the GPS of the Smartphones, can hue lamps is now automatically turn or change their behavior as soon as you approach your home.

A further plus point: The system is open to all App developers . Therefore there are already several suitable for foreign apps with hue functionalities, for example, the fee-based “hue Disco ‘, which we have tested.

With the Philips LED LightStrips friends of hue individual lighting accents can be used indoors. The price of the light strip is 89.95 euros.

As soon as it is connected to the app with the bridge, the iPad microphone receives music from space and converts it into flashing disco light. Reception sensitivity, Brightness, color and responsiveness can be controlled individually via the app. A beautiful entertainment fun for private parties.

Another highlight for Heimvernetzungs inventors: so-called ‘recipes’ to be the app FOURSQUARE (if this than that) on Smartphone or Tablet PC program. Example recipe: When the twilight recognizing in FOURSQUARE built-in weather app at their place of residence, the Abendrot colors hue lamps turn on. Single hook: FOURSQUARE is an American app that couples only selected USA usual apps. For the world’s usable hue app, the possibilities are therefore limited.

But that was not all long: also from Philips themselves, there are advanced applications: the ‘Ambilight + hue”for Android and iOS app is a hit for all owners of a Philips TVs of the generation in 2010 and younger. She transfers to all hue associated lamps the colour composition of the television and includes the complete housing like in feature films in the atmosphere of the film. Flat-screen TV and hue have only the same Wi-Fi network are in.

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