Linksys EA 6700 AC 1750 in the Test

The top model of the 11ac router from Linksys costs 200 euro, online there’s him for around 170 euros. This investment is worthwhile.

The company bought by Cisco Linksys already offers multiple Wi-FI routers, which work according to the Draft-11ac-Standard. The top model EA 6700 appears to connect test.

Two transmission channels be used here in two bands each. The 11ac-USB adapter offered by Linksys AE600 (around $40) served as a counter point.

He delighted his tiny design, supports only one data channel but in 11n mode both the 11ac- (Mbps maximum 430 11ac, stands the buzz name “AC580” maximum of 150 Mbps in 11n, on the packaging). The data rates as expected with this Wi-FI adapter slightly lower: at three meters distance from the base, we measured around 90 Mbit/s, 20 meters away around 30 Mbit / s.

Still pretty good values–but that it is doing better, proves the check with a larger, two-Channel adapter by Buffalo but: thus we achieved even slightly better values than with Buffalo’s AirStation 170 respectively 75 Mbit / s.

The Linksys is a slightly better choice for similarly potent 11ac adapter. Especially since he puts on it still a fun facilities and operation: he has two USB Sockets in addition to Four Gigabit LAN ports (per once USB 3.0 and 2.0).

Also the Linksys configuration interface offers Wizard, however graphically somewhat tidier. The optional installation of the cloud is but unnecessarily complicated.

Also its Config interface provides convenient Wizard, is however somewhat tidier. WPA2 encryption factory is again active, and printed up the password at the bottom of the appliance.

Linksys EA 6700 AC 1750: facilities

+ very fast Wi-FI + 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports + two USB ports (1 x 3.0, 1 x 2.0) + with appropriate receivers of high data throughput with the 11ac Wi-FI provided by Linksys-stick comparatively slowly

Linksys EA 6700 AC 1750: operation

+ simple setup surface – initial installation something complicated.