Linksys Wireless G Home Monitoring Camera Software

Aesthetics, finish and durability

The design of the WVC54GCA is not necessarily exceptional or mat. ortunately, all in all, the Linksys camera seems to be rather robust. The gear is cut in the black plastic of good quality and finish inspires confidence.

In front, the goal does not offer manual focus and right next to it, there is an activity LED indicates that the device is running. If necessary, it will be possible to disable this light through the options menu.

Support design and conection

The camera is mounted on a small rod connected to a ball joint. Basically, there is a plastic base including a metal part that can be used to attach the camera using two screws.

Regarding input this time, in addition to the conventional power plug, there is a female RJ45 plug. The camera is also capable of connecting to a wireless network, but no antenna is visible. Finally, despite the sound of care, no jack plug 3.5 mm is present. It will therefore imperative to use the internal microphone to capture ambient noise.
An installation phase that will alienate secular

Linksys offers a program of assistance for installation and a camera manager. The Both of these applications are only available for Windows environments. Initially, we tried to set the camera from a machine running Windows 7 using the installation wizard, but unfortunately it has not been able to find our camera on the network (the last update of the program did not give better results). It was not a firewall problem because disabling this denier did not correct the problem.

Fortunately, if the wizard seems to be in trouble, the classic setup succeeds without difficulty detecting the camera from the first launch. It displays directly the local IP address of the camera, then simply type the username and password (admin / admin by default) to be face to face with the administrative Web interface. In the end, despite the small glitch encountered during the installation phase, the first configuration step should not pose major problems.

As soon as one reaches the preview window of the camera under Exploreur Internet, the browser requires the addition of a plug-in ActivX. The process is usually simple, but with the WVC54GCA, Internet Explorer refuses to install the certificate, the latter expired. To pass this ultimate pitfall, simply update the camera (or alter Microsoft’s browser security settings). However, in Firefox, this step will be unnecessary … provided you have previously installed Java.
About the Web interface

The Linksys camera’s web interface is clean and well organized. On this point, the American manufacturer confirms the experience gained with its range of routers. The different tabs are explicit and in the end we will never be lost in the maze of the interface as it can sometimes be with the D-Link DCS 910 and 1212. Only flat, the latest firmware does not propose other language than English …

Capricious motion detection

The WVC54GCA is equipped with a motion detection module. The camera is fully autonomous, the latter can therefore send snapshots picture by email, or on a space FTP remote. Better still, the internal application offers even send small movies (always by mail or FTP), which is relatively rare. In terms of motion detection, nothing has been forgotten: you can set the camera to trigger the catch when a variation is observed throughout the sensitive area, or three finely configurable zones. In all cases, it can also affect the sensitivity to avoid unnecessary bursts, or lack of photos (or videos) useful.

Nothing seems to have been forgotten and yet when going through a practice phase, things go wrong. First, we have not been able to set the sensitivity in Firefox (the floating window appears, even it remains filled with a plain purple). This compatibility issue will give a hard time to people who do not have a Windows computer.Worse still: it is possible to set a zone and / or a level detection, but even with high sensitivity, catches are activated only when motion affects a significant proportion of the detection area.

Fortunately, if the picture gusts clearly unsatisfactory, this gap is partly caught by the possibility of triggering small video recording. The latter often cover the instants that are not always captured because of the shortcomings of the detection module.
Annexes options

To access the camera from outside when we do not have a fixed IP (which tends to be scarce), it is possible to use a domain redirection system. While some manufacturers offer more service providers (DynDNS, No-IP, etc.), Linksys has limited Our site. The principle is the same: once again, for a registration, you will get a forwarding address that points to the public IP network that hosts the small camera. The minimum refresh interval of the dynamic address is 15 minutes, which proves to be more than enough.

The Windows utility

A small desktop utility is included with the camera. The latter (available only on Windows) provides the ability to manage up to nine compatible cameras. Since the interface of this application, one can visualize the transmission of one or more cameras simultaneously, or trigger manual records. It is also possible to switch to automatic mode to record a sequence in the hard drive of his computer when a camera detects motion.

Other features are relatively basic: it is possible to activate a zoom level, or to observe the state of the cameras to see if motion detection is recorded.

Examples of photos taken with this camera

The WVC54GCA model starts a little dated. Although the resolution of the objective is the same as the new Cisco camera, film quality is still is a notch below the current model (WVC210). Overall, the result is still satisfying.


The Linksys camera starts dating a bit, but this relative seniority allows it to offer a quality / price relatively honest. For a hundred euros, Linksys offers a quality product with a wireless interface. The device is robust and Web menus are fairly well built. It contains all the ingredients that make the success of a product like this (sending files by email or FTP), although we regret that the motion detection module is not finished better. This evil detects movements that do not change the whole picture. Moreover, on two test machines (Windows 7 and XP), we found it impossible to access the pop up setting areas and sensitivities with Firefox. It will be imperative to have a Windows computer to configure the most important feature. Is also expected to have a higher image quality.