Live the dream out

Last year I got my life surprise when my mother called me a dark winter evening. “I’ll tell you something,” she said immediately, and before I had reached to respond, she exclaimed “I am getting married! Torben proposed to me on the top of a mountain in France with the most beautiful ring, champagne and a great speech (more romantic becomes it well hardly!). Even though I put it mildly, was about to go into a coma, however, and got me I wanted recollecting congratulations and listened to my mother fell in love with.

The call, however, turned out not to be the biggest surprise. I was appointed to be a wedding planner and immediately went in time to imagine a quiet wedding, possibly. with the wedding ceremony on the beach or in the wild and in a simple dress inspired from the Elf world. Just in my mother’s spirit.

But obviously something is happening with people who will be engaged and must keep the wedding party. Principles, ideas and thoughts can be surprisingly easy to change, so my ideas very quickly fell to the ground! When I sent my mother links to simple but beautiful dresses, she sent links return with large white wedding dresses – What?! Would my mother be white bride? The next will be well, that they will get married in a church. My sister and I were, however, quickly agreed that it would hardly happen.

“Have I told you that we’re getting married in the marble Church?”, said my mother so suddenly during a family dinner. It had she not. Neither my sister nor I are baptized or confirmed and have not had the Church as a part of our growing up – so the we had not just seen coming. With the idea that there might not be more surprises, I decided to focus on the most important thing: My mother beaming with happiness. She has never been married in church or been white bride – and why not live life?

Despite the fact that I’m working as an editor on a wedding magazine, and has been to several weddings, I’ve never been to a wedding gowns testing. My sister and I were happy, when we were invited to the wedding dress test. The clerk turned first to my sister, “well, it is you who is the lucky one?” No it’s not, replied my sister, after which the clerk went to me “well then it must be you — congratulations” – no sorry … It is my mother (was trying to hide my own married lustful glance)! The clerk so anything above asket out, but took care of my mother and then went ahead with the search for the dream dress. It swarmed with friend groups with young girls who were supposed to get married, but it ended quickly with to be interesting for anyone to follow in my mother’s transformation from our mother of the most beautiful white bride. “Once must surely be the first,” said my mother, who shone like never before. Even if you’re stuffed, and not 50 years is getting married for the first time, one can apparently still have little girl-princess dream of a big wedding in white dress!

I forgot all about all my frustrations and thoughts that I could not understand the whole concept with the full package, and why it all had to go so quickly. For when everything came down to it, we stood in the midst of this, was the most life-affirming I’ve experienced. When it comes to choices in life, it is expected that we take quick decisions and trust our gut feeling. Usually, when we know something is true. And this is also true when it comes to love. We know soon, when we have found the person we want to share the rest of our lives with and why not follow his dreams and keep his life’s feast – whether it’s first or second time they will be married, and whether you are 27 or 55 years old. Love has no age and no limits. Even if you never dreamed about, that you had to wear a large white dress – so do it, if you feel to it and you have an expectation that we’re getting married in a church in a big white dress, but actually dreaming of an intimate small wedding with wedding ceremony on the beach in a simple dress, do it. Follow your heart, and then you will with guarantee get your life celebration and a great marriage.