Living With Style-Essentials In A Man’s Bedroom

In my contribution series Essentials with style I dedicate myself in today’s contribution to the bedroom of a man. Normally a place where there is not much more to be found than a bed, a nightstand and possibly a wardrobe. What else you can get out of his bedroom, we look together in today’s contribution to the Essentials in a man’s bedroom.

As in the other contributions already published, I would like to give you a little inspiration for the design of your own apartment. So I go into this article on different furniture and living accessories, which I personally very much like and I would integrate into our apartment. Before I look at individual pieces of furniture and living accessories, however, I would like to take a look at the current trends in a man’s bedroom.

Trends For The Bedroom Of A Modern Man

In the past few years, the bedroom had a monotonous, straightforward, Scandinavian style. From this one 2016 will be slowly but surely goodbye. The focus is on colors and, above all,individuality . For example, colorful, warm colors are to be expectedwith regard to color gradients. Also the two trend colors of Pantone Serenity and Rosé Quartz are gladly taken up in the bedroom.

In general it can be said that dark tones create security and bright colors have a liberating effect . If you want to combine the different colors, it is recommended to stay at an intensity. In short: combine pastel tones with pastel tones and intense colors with other intense colors, everything else does not work properly. The different colors set accents and ensure that a color does not seem too dominant.

In addition to warm colors, which in the cold season in your home provide comfort and warmth, especially yellow is one of the trend colors 2016 in the bedroom. It does not matter whether you paint a whole wall with it or whether the color is a small accent in the bed linen or an accessory in the bedroom.

If you want it to be quite consistent, the bedroom color shouldmatch the wall color in the same color to create a harmonious atmosphere. Furniture which has a different color can be easily painted or varnished and adapted to the corresponding wall color.However, here I am of the opinion that one should decide this piece by piece. Because also contrasting furniture works well.

If you really want to change something in your own bedroom often, this is not a big problem. The magic word is bed linen . Because this can be changed almost from one day to the next and therefore one gives a more color-conserving bedroom matching color accents. In my opinion with the best solution, if one can not befriend with colored walls.

Otherwise, it can be said that Arabic elements will move into the bedrooms. Say, ornate ornaments, colorful bowls and velvety cushions are joined to flower patterns and colored accessories. In addition, in the year 2016, noble and high-quality processing will play a role. Rough wooden surfaces are now a thing of the past.

In contrast, there are upholstery furniture, carpets, curtains and other textiles of cotton, linen or wool in the domestic bedroom.These complete the approach of a natural design and can be woven, knitted or sewn.

In terms of furniture, one can not go wrong with boxspring or solid wood beds in 2016 either. Here you should only pay attention that these are processed accordingly high-quality. A padded headboard for the boxspring bed is just right for the cozy television in the bed.Rough surfaces are no longer a thing of the past, but do not worry, even wooden furniture can convince with its charm. Lively grainhere is the magic word to attract attention accordingly.

Before the bed, a carpet is always good to get up with a soft and warm kick from the bed. But also here, it should be in harmony with the rest of the furniture and wall paints. No good idea is to integrate the home office into the bedroom. Finally, when you fall asleep, no one likes to think about the workplace. The technical devices are not exactly conducive to night-time radiation. If it is no different, you should put on pieces of furniture, which can be closed and conceal, for example, the laptop in it.

Bedroom Furniture-These Are Must-Haves

A must-have in the domestic bedroom is this Modular felxl140.26 bed Felino core beech solid. Simply for the reason that you can sleep badly without bed. And secondly, because the Felino core beech bed convinced me completely. The matching mattress was already available in the blog: DreamZebra and Emma mattress.

Otherwise, the bed of core beech with storage space is waiting, for which one is certainly used. This is the way to the side indentations, in which one can put away books, Kindle and Co. without problems.There is also a storage room on the front, where the bed linen can be stored wonderfully.

Stauraum is the right keyword, because finally also socks, boxershorts, T-shirts and co. Here I have the trendteam BM87259 sideboard in walnut satin addressed. This seems to offer enough space in its four drawers and two large compartments. Interesting in this walnut satin sideboard is the combination of two different colors. Fancy, right?

Smartphone, book and glasses must be put out of the hand at some point and the night light needs its place. The HL Design 01-08-108.2 Boxspring-Nako “Linus” nightcloth seems to be the right solution and, besides, still quite handsome, bright with dark wood elements. Tell me a lot, because you can put on the table, as well as in the middle things. Very chic.

The TULUM wardrobe reminds me a bit of my childhood, because a similar model my parents had in their bedroom. I especially like the visible masonry of the cabinet, because of its light wood it does not darken its own bedroom and acts in a dark bedroom as a handsome contrast. Stauraum offers the good piece also enough.

Accessories And Gadgets In The Bedroom-That Should Not Be Missing!

What can not be missing in my bedroom is an alarm clock.Otherwise, I’m still in the embarrassment to sleep in the morning and that really does not have to be. If you do not want to rely on your smartphone, you should take a closer look at the Timepieces Romantic Clock. Minimalist design with clean lines and, according to customer expectations, not to be heard when falling asleep, but equipped with a relatively gentle wake-up sound. Sounds good and looks good, does not it?

As well as a reasonable alarm clock belongs in my opinion a functioning and in the best case good looking Nachttischlampe on the table. Here I decided for the Tomons Leselampe in classic wood design. I was particularly impressed by the combination of wood and metal.

Looks different from boring, can be adjusted by the moving lamp foot to your own needs and was specially made to enable a best possible reading experience. What more do you need? Well, you have to turn them off yourself, but you get too.

Ipuro Season Line Room White Orchid-does not sound like aman, but be sure to have a well-scented bedroom brings more advantages than cons. Even I’m not sure if I would put the room fragrance directly into the bedroom, depends on the intensity of the fragrance. But even so it looks quite decent as I find.

Bed linen can certainly be described as an accessory in the bedroom. Due to the possibility to change these quickly, one gives the own resting space a completely different flair. My first choice while browsing through current deals fell to the Small Cloud Bed linen pacific. With this, the color has addressed me very much, in addition, this reaches in some ways this year’s Farbtrend Serenity, which is certainly good in a bright bedroom.

The conclusion of my Essentials for a man’s bedroom is thismodern designer carpet. This is based on a relatively simple, restrained style. I like this because it does not push too much into the foreground, but still looks very smart. Personally, I can imagine this in a bright, warm bedroom, where the short pile carpet alone is a great contrast because of its color.

Essentials In The Bedroom Of A Man-A Conclusion

Colors, colorful and warm, the latest trends in the bedroom of a man can be described. And I have to say that these are quite appealing to me. Clearly you have to make sure that you do not overdo it with stylish accessories and bright colors. But if you put a little bit on understatement here, you’ll quickly see that less is actually more.

For me it is only certain that a carpet arrives at the latest in fall/winter with us. So that you stand on warm feet after getting up, and you can be long enough to wear socks. What is a must-have for you in your bedroom?