Living With Style-Essentials In A Man’s Study

Living with style-Essentials in the living room of a man last month was the start for a new contribution series here in the blog. This is now being promoted as promised, today the focus is the study of a modern man.

In the individual contributions of this series I would like to give you a little inspiration for the design of your apartment. Furthermore, I recommend different furniture and living accessories, which I personally very much and I would integrate into our apartment.Before I enter into furniture and living accessories, I would like to take a look at the current trends in a man’s study.

Trends For The Office Of A Modern Man

Cleane, minimalist, tidy offices are big in trend. This also means that unnecessary cables are avoided under the desk and on the floor. This leads to distraction and also makes the entire room look untidy, which at least subliminally provides for an increased stress level.

By simple means one can however get this under control. So it is recommended to invest in appropriate cable ducts or cable spirals, which protect the necessary cables accordingly before glances.Otherwise you can also invest in appropriate equipment, such as a laptop with long battery life, WiFi in the office as well as wireless speakers. The possibilities are very diverse, usually offer, corresponding furniture pieces also built-in solutions for cable management.

Light , one of the things that is underestimated in the study, but which is indispensable for a suitable working environment. Light should never play a subordinate role, as this has a significant impact on efficiency and psyche. Ideally, the study should be located in a bright, sunny room. It is clear, however, that this is not possible in most cases.

Therefore, at least try to bring a little light into the rooms with appropriate, bright colors. Here are bright and neutral colors of which can be loosened by appropriate accents on individual walls.Also furniture from real wood as well as light reflective glass supplement a study quite well.

In addition to stylish furniture, these must also fulfill a functional purpose. Therefore, it is important that these provide sufficient storage facilities and help to create a well organized study.

Here, of course, it always depends on your own requirements for the study . An accountant will need more space for files, a blogger needs only a laptop and a suitable desk, an architect needs sufficient space for his drawing material. Therefore, these requirements should be taken into account when purchasing appropriate furniture.

In addition, the office should not only support its own productivity , but also ensure appropriate well-being . Finally, you spend some time of the day in the study and you do not want to sit on a hard chair, right?

Furniture In The Study-That Looks Good!

This solid, Palisander wood desk from the Cube series has not only convinced me of the minimalist, tidy design. But also the material used. Palisander is a particularly hard and heavy natural material, which impresses with its expressive grain.

The desk is designed to fit into a classic and modern study. On the surface the table is elaborately waxed and shimmers in a honey-colored tone. In addition, the latter waits with the help of the traces of use which give something to the table. More information about the table can be found here.

Also my second choice falls on a desk made of wood or at least with wooden elements. The Panama Shesham desk comes with natural wood as well as accents made of heavy scrap metal and traces ofuse. Personally, I like the successful combination of natural wood elements combined with an industrially effective scrap metal construction.

Because of the different materials, the desk is very different in itself and is therefore a good fit for a modern working room. You canread more opinions from previous customers on this website.

To a smart desk you need of course the appropriate chair. Thesechair chairs by Chefsessel Kings have a double back and seat upholstery and for a relaxed sitting for an extended period the chair has thick cushions in the area of ​​the thighs. A 5-step rocking mechanism follows almost every movement of the body and supports ergonomic sitting.

In addition to the chic, clean design, the chair has an ingenious ventilation structure, which transports moisture through a multiplicity of small pores. In the head, back and sitting area, the desk chair is based on soft and hard-wearing synthetic leather, which is also easy to clean. In my opinion, a smart chair that does well in a study, does not it?

Not only for the desks, I would like to offer you a little selection for your study, also with the desk chair you should have these. TheRobas Lund DX Racer 5 chef’s chair comes a little more modern than the aforementioned chair.

However, this chair comes in the Racerlook therefore, armrests and cushion cushions are also not missing and thus ensure a comfortable seat and perfect hold during the work. In color, there is this chair in different variants, I speak here the simple dark variant, since I would my study room rather black/white set up. The other colors are available here .

This rotatable shelf with the appropriate name “Tower” convinced me by its design as well as the favorable price. The shelf manages to accommodate a large number of folders in a relatively small space, ideal for smaller rooms.

On each floor of the shelf fit about three to four folders, depending on the width of the folders. The shelf is rotatable, so you can either hide all the folders, for a nice spatial image, you can go to any folder at any time. Further impressions of the shelf, also in everyday use, you can see on this page.

As an alternative to the previous revolving shelf, I would like to refer to this six-stroke wagon. Qualitatively this is probably behind the above listed shelf, but is at least extremely functional and offers enough storage space for all office materials. The exact dimensions and further customer reviews can be found at Amazon .
A complete stand shelf, like the live edge , makes a little more than the ones listed above, but of course you need more space. On the original designed wooden shelf, with its numerous open compartments, I am particularly impressed by the oblique construction. In contrast to normal shelves, the storage compartments in the live-edge are varied and vary in size.

The material used, acacia wood, is by nature particularly strong and resistant. The shelf is very stable, so it can carry even heavy books sovereignly. The one or other folder can also be accommodated in it. In addition to the “small variant” which can be seen here, there is also a “large”, which is ideal for a large, open study room.

Accessories In The Study-That Should Not Be Missing!

In the trends for a modern study, I have already mentioned that good lighting is necessary to increase productivity. What is better than a corresponding desk lamp ? The selection of the right light was not easy for me, so I put together these two collages with interesting lamps. The individual models are linked to the next photo.

If your desk is placed on a high-quality parquet floor or laminate it is necessary to protect it from external influences. Here, a suitableoffice chair underlay for hard floors is suitable. On an area of ​​90x90cm, this place offers a desk chair and is made of environmentally friendly and recyclable material. In addition, this prevents electrostatic charges. You can find further information on the underlay here.

Not only folders would like to be kept stylish, but this is also the case with waste. This is why I decided to buy a stylish piece in the home office, the Essey Bin Bin trash can convince by its crumpled design, which reminds of crumpled paper. The trash cans are available in four different shades.

Magazines and magazines should not be lifted on a stack. On the contrary, these should be part of the work room and should be displayed accordingly. The magazine magazine Mag Stand offers a great variety of magazines, but still looks stylish. The newspaper stands are available in three different wooden versions, the newspaper stand in Walnut you can find here.

In addition to storing documents, it is also important not to lose sight of the time at work. To get this not only somehow, but with style, I have decided for the Nextime station wall clock. With this, the minimalist, tidy design convinced me, which does without much frills. If you like the watch just as well as me, you can order it here.

Essentials In The Study Of A Man – A Conclusion

In addition to the inspiration for the purchase of new accessories and furniture, this contribution should also help you think about whether and how you can create your work room more productively and pleasantly.

It is clear to me that this selection reflects only my personal taste, but I hope, of course, that you like the choice of stylish furniture and living accessories.