Logitech G600 Mouse Button 4

Now, Logitech comes with a mouse specifically designed for the MMO (massively multiplayer online) players. The idea behind it? While you can everything imaginable individualisation in the games themselves, Starship, armor or weapons, quite simply, the mouse remains sidelined. So, the G600 can light up in all possible RGB colors. More accurately, 16 million combinations are possible.

The mouse with the thousand buttons G600

But because that was not enough for the Swiss, it should be even configurable buttons. While other manufacturers would use no more than 4 to 8 additional buttons, go to Logitech easy times in the full and bought the G600 merciless twelve thumb buttons and two G-buttons in addition to the regular right – and left-click. All of them of course can be assigned, as you want it.

The mouse with the thousand buttons G600-3

And where not enough still are the possibilities. If you’re really crazy, its keys can also double take. All in all, with a round design, you can feel in store here.