LOOKS WITH LEGGING: Main Mistakes And Correct Answers!

The legging is even a part of the closet to stay in. It’s been a while on the market and more and more combinations and trends are emerging.In fact you must have seen the fever of this model of pants about two years ago, but did you know that it came in the 13th century and was worn by men?

Native Americans, Scots, dancers from two centuries ago and many others have already joined the comfort of glued trousers and great for even sports moves. Who popularized the piece was the icon Madonna in the 80’s with his sport look half crazy and super flashy. It is one of the main pieces of looks for gym and a great tip for the day to day. Check out some legging looks and get inspired!

Looks With Leggings With Boots

One of the most loved winter looks and has no rule or body requirement to wear. If you’re a little out of shape, you just have to make up for bigger coats and longer sweaters. It can be with high boots, medium, low, brown or black, of all colors and with details or not.

You know that summer dress with thicker fabric? Put on a leggings and turn the piece into winter fashion!

Coats are a great hint of how to combine legging in the winter.But if the weather is a little cooler, it may be a longer sweater at least at the thigh or below the waist.

Take advantage of the chance of the boot to invest in different pieces like with shoelaces or colorful boots.

The tone on tone between boots and accessories may be an old rule and even outdated, but it always works. Combine your boot with belt and bag of the same color and will look nice, with no room for mistakes.

Leggings With Sneakers

We still can not find a part of our publishers that does not match sneakers. The look beyond being comfortable is elegant and basic for all kinds of occasions and is a great way to assemble looks with legging summer or winter, enter both extremes of the weather.

Which color of sneaker to wear? The shoe can always be your highlight, like black pants with beige sneakers and no item of the same color in combination or tone on tone with the bag, sweater and belt. It’s up to you.

Look at a good example of sneaker as an element of prominence in the visual!

The jackets are a great tip for anyone who wants to be discreet in measurements and wear this type of pants. Take some good shape and use shorter models if you want, no problem.

Chess is that joker blouse to keep in the wardrobe at all times and matches a lot with the neutral legging.

Total black is always welcome, is not it girls? With it there is no mistake. By day or by night it looks great always!

Legging With Sneakers

Looking for a casual look? This is a great combination tip for both day and night but always thinking about casual pieces. Sneakers alone are already asking for a stripped-down look, so do not wear social blouses, thin and shiny fabrics unless you are casual models as well. Enjoy jeans, coats and colorful T-shirts with thick fabrics such as cotton and synthetics.

The black sneaker is your best friend to create uniformity with the black pants and leaves the legs thinner and the height slightly larger.

And as the idea is to opt for the informal it is an excellent request to use the legging in print, be it designer or your dear jaguar pants .  All Star is the friend of all hours for all kinds of events. If it is of a more closed stamp it is legal to look at work depending on the profession and other pieces.
Tennis and jeans: an always perfect combination!

Just like the boot the sneakers look great with this model of pants.