Loom Bracelets for Your Feet

Bracelet foot is an accessory that is a favorite of the majority of the fair sex. And although the outside is still not completely slippers and sandals, we decided to introduce several bracelets and give you advice on their wear.

Bracelets feet have worn since the Sumerians, who lived nearly five millennia. During excavations of the Sumerian tombs were found skeletons curve legs made from various stones and metals.

In ancient Egypt, according to localbusinessexplorer, leather bracelet at the feet of the woman he is showing its status. Ladies silver / gold bracelets, jeweled were wives of wealthy men. Poorer representatives of the fair sex mostly wore leather bracelets or those made of precious metals.

In Indian, Arab and Southeast Asian culture ladies also wore bracelets feet.

In Western culture these bracelets have become fashionable in the 60s of the last century and were a symbol of free spirit and alternative thinking. People are contacted bohemian lifestyle.

Types of bracelets feet and how to wear them properly:

Silver bracelet – it is suitable for teenagers because it can be worn every day and combines very easily with all kinds of shoes and clothes.

Gold bracelet – most models are one or two very fine and thin chains. It is suitable for wearing at special occasions. Combines well with a pair of classic high-heeled shoes.

Bracelet pendants – in recent years they are extremely popular and fashionable. With them one can easily add style and personality. Bracelets with pendants are suitable for girls who are sporty elegant look.

Bracelet beads – suitable for everyday use, have a strong Bohol broadcasting and connect with ethnic style. Suitable alternative clothing and complement perfectly a pair of flip-flops.

Bracelet with a ring – this model bracelets comes from Indian culture and is suitable for hot summer days when you’re on the beach in a bathing suit. Usually worn on bare feet because of the age-old story that wear and because it is more convenient.

Tips for wearing the bracelet on his feet:

– Recommended when you go to work, not to wear a bracelet on his feet, because it can break some written or unwritten rules of the dress code in the office;
– Must by model bracelet on his feet with the style of dress that you have;
– You must ensure maximum good for your feet if you wear a bracelet on his feet, because it draws attention to them. Pedicure you must be perfect, and your skin – soft and smooth;
– Bracelets feet are suitable to wear when you’re wearing a short skirt / dress / pants;