Louis Vuitton Menswear Spring

Louis Vuitton offers, for the collection of menswear spring/summer 2011, fascinating Oriental fantasies out of shirts, pants and jackets. After having talked about the collaboration of the maison with the famous artist and tattooist Scott Campbell, we are pleased to show you the unique result of this synergy. Quilted Fabrics and the Chinese zodiac animals are interpreted in an original way by tattoo artist so loved by celebrities. Especially interesting is the military-style parka Amazon and featuring a mesh pocket on the back. A leader really small since you can fold it completely and store it in a backpack. An exclusive offer but functional!

Military inspiration even for the jackets from the hood and for paratrooper jacket. Leaders who use cutting-edge technique “copied” from systems that are used to control the air pressure inside the parachutes.
The trousers, having a formal style and elegant, they are suitable for all circumstances. The narrow waist, pence and edging tape make these garments from waist to knee different from others.
The shirts-caftan, are available in suede or ultreleggero silk damask and can be worn in sports as in the relatively formal. The shirts are purely sporting, instead, are characterized by the insertion of a press-tattoo placed in correspondence of the biceps.

These figures want to summon the Chinese zodiac animals such as, among others, the horse of fire. The sleeves of jackets and shirts are carried rolled up for a more informal.
A men’s collection not to be missed thanks to the collaboration with the tattoo artist Scott Campbell but also thanks to the quality of materials and the exclusivity of the proposals. To not miss the latest fashion news follow us on Ipad with free app Nanopress.