Lucky with Invitation to Google Music Beta Can Access Outside the US Service

To launch its service Google Music Beta, the Google has made ​​it clear that it would only be accessed by registered accounts in the US. Obviously this did not prevent many users with Google accounts try to request an invitation by accessing the site through proxy servers that mask the real location of the user. This week Google started to send more invitations and those who received need not be in the US to use the service.

The player Fernando Takai was one of the chosen ones who signed up at launch and received an invitation this week, shown above. He says he did not need proxy to access the service, it was necessary only the direct login to the site Google Music Beta.

He published the images up on your Google+ profile, showing Google Music Beta running on your Motorola Milestone. Among other features, the application allows music stored on your computer are transmitted over the Internet, either through 3G and WiFi network and direct play on the Android that has the application installed.

Google probably caught the service for US users because of licensing agreements with American studios, but it seems that after a user receives an invitation this restriction is abandoned. We do not know if this is just an error or if it is something permanent, but the Brazilians who receive the invitation and have an Android 2.2 can take advantage of the service as it is available.

Update At 24:52 | Several readers report that could already access the service since launch, with invitations sent to their accounts. The text has been modified to reflect this new information.