Still in summer vibe–that is just getting started-we invite our males preferred to talk about sunglasses, the accessory, indispensable in any sunny day, which is no longer just an item of protection to eyes and today is an integral part of a production… Don’t buy in peddler, eh, girls?

Let’s see what they think of the models?


Peter–A little weird. RIM too thick. But until it matches the visual her WIDOW.

Mahani-I didn’t much like. Although modern fun, reminds me a little of swimming goggles that I used in my time in track.

Thiago–the glasses itself I don’t think much weight, I think it’s kinda cool. But with her style, with the clothes she’s wearing and how she’s pointing to a celebrity, was mass.

Eduardo-The model is more closed, more cold, just the way the photo represents. The woman encarangada. But, can’t point to picture. Give wart on the finger tip, I’d say the superstitious Pedro.


Peter–Aviator? Leonardo Di Caprio’s hairy, huh? But seriously, the girl makes a retro style, only mulambento. This type of glasses combines more with Opal drivers than with women.

Mahani-I quite like this model. Unfortunately, I didn’t think matched the cadaverous face. Looked like the protagonist of that film weekend at Bernie’s.

Thiago–”Mmmbop, ba duba dop, ba du bop. Gee, that woman is the same as the lead singer of Hanson. The Aviator glasses I think much weight, but seriously, this woman, it looks good. Her hair reminds me of our little Edward at the time he entered the College. That is, RIDICULOUS.

Eduardo- Aviator always falls very well. About 3 years ago that I want to buy a Ray Ban to me. Of course, many may find that looks like delegate glasses, but it’s cool.


Peter–She was watching “Avatar” (argh!) in 3D cinema and forgot to take off your glasses.

Mahani-Turn on the TV in the Multishow around 7:00 pm and you’ll see a lot of clips in which the rappers use and abuse of this template. I’m not a big fan of white frames and don’t like that inspired design on the glasses to watch 3D movie.

Thiago-Our, this mass spectacles. I liked. Stylish as hell, half MC Hammer that. I just couldn’t miss on her pants. Which pants tosca! Is it just me or her pants have the drawing of the femur there? X-ray Pants? This one or the tender trio (Sabrina, Marina and Thais) knew.

Eduardo-Too big for that little nose, right. The nose of her poor will get all in tip-top shape to carry so much weight. Not combined with the face.


Peter–Hahaha okay lame. In addition to her being in a dark environment, which dispenses with the accessory, the format is so much straw.

Mahani- To start: that strange shaped head. Finally: what model of straw glasses. Things aren’t bad enough to frame and the lens are ugly, the combination of the two with the woman who wears them ran out of the ridiculous notion.

Thiago-Straw too much that. Beyond the format of her face like a heart, man, she still uses this Nerd glasses? And worse, all night! I’m still the time used Sunglasses on sunny days and not in closed and dark events.

Eduardo–very weak. Looks like those you make in graduations, weddings and Bar Mitzvah. Appearance of disposable.


Pedro -Mahani has one of those. I’m serious! And when he wore braces, I don’t know which reflected more.

Mahani-I thought that was cool. I don’t know if you can use this template in any situation, but can help give a completed in visual when you, girl, it’s a little off.

Thiago-I think cool mirror lenses, even if you call a lot of attention, which usually do not think much weight in a glasses.

Eduardo- I’m not a big fan of mirrored, but that pleased me even if only a little. It turns out that to wear that color mirrored glasses and you should not use many other accessories. There is messed up.


Peter–Damn, she has a Badger on the neck? Where’s greenpeace 1 hour?Anyway, the big glasses are cool, but this one is overly large.

Mahani- Is very little glasses face. Or she makes a face-stretching surgery or purchase a smaller glasses.

Thiago-This one she stole from Gary glitter. I think this giant to the extreme, you don’t have to be sooooo very much. Only the Gary glitter is pasta with a pair of glasses so great.

Eduardo-I liked the model. But the visual as a whole isn’t cool. I think the glasses covers a lot of the face, leaving an impression that the forehead is larger than it really is.


Pedro -“to have green eyes, if my red eyes coming from the green of nature?” said all kinds of bizarre phrases from MSN a while ago. The girl is hiding eyes that certainly are more beautiful than this pair of Red lenses.

Mahani-I even admire the round model. Except that it’s too big. Have to decrease the diameter of it there.

Thiago- This round there too, dammit, straw bagarai. A little too Mr. Magoo. A lot of style for little mate.

Eduardo – I can’t opine. The color displeased me completely. So, the template or interferes. A red lens so not roll. Very Moonbeam.


Peter–Summer, juice box, cambitas … The lady knows how to be simple and cool. The glasses are pretty cool too!

Mahani-I’m a big fan of the famous Wayfarer and am wanting to purchase a to protect my beautiful blue eyes. The lady was nice too.

Thiago-To me, that there is more mass. Beautiful glasses, beautiful girl, nice running shorts and nice legs, by the way, should be tired of running every night in my dreams, hahaha.

Eduardo-I think this model one of the coolest, currently, for women. Are very charming. Besides, running shorts with those the little pocket out are very attractive. Really catches my attention these models of glasses and shorts. I have a fall.