Make My Own Wall Sticker

The ideal project if you are many and various remnants of wallpaper. If you got your old album with samples of wallpaper, even better. You’ll be surprised by the outcome.

“Patching” on the wall – step 1

According to remzfamily, this type of decoration on the walls gives a better result if you use different not only as a pattern, and size pieces. Start by cut different pieces of wallpaper. The size of the pieces does not matter but their corners should be square. Use the right angle and mock knife for better results.

“Patching” on the wall – step 2

Everything has been prepared and can move to the next step. First glue the larger pieces of wallpaper on the wall, align them in their corners. The aim is to initially cover the wall with larger pieces. Leave “appliqué” to dry. Follows the placement of smaller pieces, place them according to your own vision, you can make them even speak up in order to enhance the effect of “patches”. You can add as you like pieces importantly you you like.

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