Makeup Tips for Night

Tips on what are the best makeup to use at night

Do you like going out at night for both a simple dinner and a party? Do not know how to make up for these occasions?

For the night, one can be abused a little, even more so if it is for a ballad production. But, the production will depend on the look and personal style.

Now simplyyellowpages will introduces a simple way to do a night makeup, including the one to get out of the black shadow that can carry the look a little.

The secret to good makeup is to thoroughly cleanse the face and moisturize it and then just apply the makeup. Another cool tip is to close the pores that will fix the makeup better is to use a facial tonic after washing and before moisturizing. There is even the hint of applying ice to the skin after cleansing which helps close the pores of the face.

The first step of night makeup is to base and apply preferably with brush or go apply with your hands spreading well. Then, lightly rub only the parts you need like dark circles and spots. For a night makeup gives to load a little more, for example, in the shade, which can be a smoky black or another more striking color. But, all without exaggeration not to load too much.

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To blur the eyes you can use colored shadows instead of black or a brown.To do this, apply a light shade, like a beige, silver frosted or with slight flicker across the eyelid.Apply a darker shade with colors giving a reinforcement in the concave to mark the look well.If you are highlighting the eyes, the lips need to be discreet with a nude lipstick or color of mouth.

But if you prefer to highlight your lips, your eyes need to be discreet.In this case, the eyes can gain a shimmering shadow and highlight the look with pencil or eyeliner.Make-up references from magazines, websites that can bring many inspirations.