Makeup Without Melting: Tricks to Keep the Visual in Summer

The makeup can last more than a few hours without need of miracles.

A retorts in the eyes or that red lipstick makes radiant woman, but with the summer heat melting everything goes very fast. But no need to worry: some good practice strategies can be made at home and don’t take a long time. Learn the tips to keep the makeup without melting.

Mascara, Foundation, Compact powder, lipstick… Men don’t really know the work that a woman has to get ready for a party. And all this without counting the hair, nails and clothes. But at least if the makeup last for a few more hours worth.

Tips to keep your makeup without melting


Before you begin to make up the ideal is to make a good cleaning on the skin. Secure the hair with a good ponytail and start with the SOAP and water to remove all traces of correctives or solar filter applied during the day. Prefer to use colder water instead of warm, because the heat opens the pores.

Then, the best is to use a scrub light and then a lotion, or tonic, astringent to keep the skin dry. Remembering that the scrub has to be very gentle if used before to get ready, you won’t have a red face. It serves only to remove dead cells and leave the face more smooth, without those rough parts near the nose or Chin.


Dry the face and the corners, like ears and neck, to be possible to keep the makeup without melting. First of all there’s a valuable Tip: take an ice pack, wrap in a towel and press lightly across the face for about 5 minutes. If you prefer, you can use an ice cube directly on the skin. Don’t forget the outside corners of the eyes: this will help to keep blurring the Pencil or eyeliner later. So, the trick will help close the pores and leave the face less oily to secure better to make.

Now dry your face, if you have used the ice directly. And there’s no point trying to get dressed in a stuffy room. The ideal is to keep the skin drier and free from sweat or oils because our goal is to keep the makeup without melting. Then you let the air conditioning, or cooler place, before you start this procedure.

Apply a lotion pré-maquiagem, or skin primer as it is also known makeup. In addition to protecting your skin care the dryness caused by makeup, some products have a moisturizing action included. So it’s worth testing before you buy and see the ideal option for your skin type, whether dry, mixed or oily.


Think about the type of event that you will be present and certain tones. If a meeting with friends in the afternoon, for example, it’s not worth betting on shadows darker or many layers of makeup. If the location is a restaurant with her boyfriend at night, closed and fresher, it’s worth betting on a make more complete.

Wait a few minutes until the pré-maquiagem lotion to be absorbed by your skin and start with the concealer. Probably you may have a set of colors for your skin tone, but do not forget to pass the concealer too above the eyelids and in the corners of the eyes, internal and external. The trick is to make a stripe, eye movements toward the cheeks, on the bottom, pulling some of the product to the face too. This avoids the terrible dark circles . In summer, it is best to seek for more options or creamy rods, with a rapid absorption to help keep the makeup without melting.

Then comes the base: choose one preferably with sunscreen to prevent marks and spots on the face, typical of summer. Apply spreading right across the face, including between your eyebrows and eyelids, taking care not to leave anything accumulated in the eyelashes. Don’t forget the corners of the eyes and do a color transition between the concealer and the base, leaving everything in the same tonality.


Some women prefer to pass the Compact before you begin your eyes. Honestly if you miss that stroke of eyeliner the damage will be much greater. Then follow the order to leave you more comfortable.

For the fearsome eyeliner, the fear of many women in the summer tip is to avoid it to help keep the makeup without melting. But, in a dinner at night you want to tear down the heart of that boy, right? Then choose the version in pen. The liquid product easily grounds but the most ‘ Advanced ‘, in addition to being easier to apply, offers water-resistant options. And that’s a good ally for the oil caused by summer.

Apply the Shadow, eyeliner and get all the details of this part. Then invest in a black pencil to make the outline of the eyes, inside and out. This way the visual will be sexier. To complete, terminate with a mascara volume keep the lashes pretty powerful and avoid false eyelashes. With the heat they can take off and you don’t want them to fall in front of your partner. Let’s avoid mistakes, right?

Finally choose the type of powder more ideal for your skin and apply with brush or sponge. Remember that the second option usually leave those crusts to the surroundings of eyes, so don’t overdo it. Otherwise, after the makeup drying those little marks of expressions will be more evident. To finalize the blush: so your face gets some color after so many bases and layers. To fine tune the face apply the blush using the trick of ‘ fishy ‘ mouth: on top of the cheekbones doing a line until the upper face.

Also, don’t forget to stop by the nose and at the base of the Chin to stay with a more natural appearance. The lips be careful not to use lipsticks too dry. To help pass a thin layer of colorless lip balm before applying. So his lips are prettier and without those crusts of dryness. The heat is not indicated the use of lip glossor lip gloss, since it melts easily and end up leaving you with the face soft.

A good perfume and ready. Work accessories and stay beautiful for yourself. So, everyone will find a hit too.


If you follow all the steps above will be able to keep the makeup without melting, but anyway take on your purse makeup kit, especially the powder, pencils and eyeliner, as tissues moistened and q-tips. To fix Pencil stains in the corner of the eyes, rinse the swab on the scarf and go cleaning up the smudges. Then retorts with the Compact and with the Pencil. Simple as that.


You are thinking of taking that Sun with her boyfriend or friends, and doesn’t want anyone to see your dark circles, right? But the heat don’t have much way out, or use makeup heavier. So a very interesting trick is follow these tips (to keep the makeup without melting) until the part of the ice. Then apply a sunscreen drier, or spray, instead of those super greasy. Let him be absorbed and then apply a light base, spreading well. If you prefer, opt for solar filter with color.

To disguise even better, there are a few options of BB Cream that are great to cover up the dark circles, but the UV protection factor tends to be low. So not to be with little spots on the skin is good to apply the sunscreen and dry after the BB Cream. So, you look like without makeup and with beautiful skin. Just be careful in the choice of tone, not to get your face too dark or pale. And always the best trick: sunglasses. Finally, a good lipstick of cocoa butter with light color and go enjoy your day.

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