Making Another Alarm Clock Ring Every Night At 10:00 Pm

Or at 21, or 23, or on a schedule that you better translate the idea of “45 minutes prior to the time that I’d rather be sleeping”.

We’ve been previously the suggestion of getting used to a daily routine of preparing for sleep, but always with the focus to facilitate sleep itself. But now, in your article “The 10:00 Rule”, the Lifeclever brought another point of view on the same issue, and proposed to get used to a nightly routine to facilitate early the next morning.

And the proposal is very simple: putting the alarm for every night at the same time, you can not only remember it’s time to start preparing for a good night’s sleep, get everything you need for an awakening more relaxed the next day.

But don’t overdo it, or it will still become reason for stress. There must be enough time to finish watching what I was watching, writing what was writing, read the chapter that was reading, finish the start of the game, etc. and still make the nightly daily tasks, with the extra motivation that you can wake up a few minutes later and have fewer things to do in the morning.

And the article even suggests some, such as:

  • Leave ready the clothes they intend to use the next day.
  • Separate everything you will need to carry in your pocket or backpack-keys, wallet, tokens and passes, etc.
  • Rethink the pending for the next day, considering your itinerary
  • Put to charge the batteries of all units that will use the next day
  • Anticipating the preparation than can for breakfast (especially if you have a bread maker)
  • Adjust your another alarm for the next morning

It is important to not let the routine enslave it, but if you find it difficult to remember to go to bed, or I never have enough time to tidy things up in the morning, might be something to try.