Male Fashion Trends For Spring 2017

New year, new styles, especially new trends. This year, too, I would like to discuss the masculine trends for the spring of 2017. It is important for me to give you a little inspiration. What is the name of what should be, and what can not be missed.

As in previous editions, the fashion trends for spring 2017 are also divided into two main sections: fashionable colors and hip styles.Everything short, crisp and above all clear. It is important, however, that you must be comfortable with the trends and wear them not only because they are fashionable. You notice it immediately, if this is not the case!

Fashionable Colors For Spring 2017

As mentioned above, colors play an important role in the 2017 spring trends for men. Because of cuts, designs and styles these are especially noticeable. In the following you will get an overview of the hottest colors in 2017, which in my opinion fit quite well into the spring, especially the color of the year. Nevertheless, it is, of course, also possible that brighter or darker nuances of the respective color are suitable for the men’s fashion spring 2017.


The color of the year is Greenery. At the very least, Pantone has honored this hue (top left) as “The Color of the Year for 2017”. In color, it is reminiscent of a darker frog green which symbolizes the interplay of green dollar notes with nature. Surely you can not wear every piece of clothing in this color, but you already know it. The Pantone 15-0343 TCX is the basic color choice when choosing your suit.

A little more subtly you can choose green, how the color can translate into German, as a basis for knit sweaters, chinos and jackets. Depending on which color nuance you choose exactly, it even makes a good figure with a coat. The color itself, according to Pantone, “reminds of young, fresh leaves and shoots, and stops to inhale deeply to replenish oxygen and new energy.”


Was lemon yellow last year yet new trend, it is 2017 a ticking dark (center). With this one comes to my then-wish, the lemon yellow rather a trace darker to bear. Of course, I would not claim to have influenced this decision significantly. Think Emma Stone might have played her influence in La La Land-referring to the female fashion trends.

I would wear this shade in my outfits only very discreet. Either in order to set specific accents in this, or if it really is to me to position itself offensively in the field of others. For example, a sweater in strong yellow tone. For the summer, yellow, especially in brighter, faded nuances, certainly makes a good figure as a T-shirt color.


Cream (right outside) should probably be with the most neutral and restrained color trend in 2017. This is often the case with clothing made of linen. A shade that allows others to step into the center and, for example, in the form of a cream colored chino, a good basic garment.

The sandy color is quite convincing, especially for loose, casual clothing such as linen shirts and trousers. Depending on your own taste, you can have a good look at lighter or darker shades of color.A basic hue as we will see it often in 2017.


With Stone (lower left), 2017 is a color which is located between a sandy beige and white. The beauty of it, the color can be combined and used in a variety of ways. Stone is a good figure for suits, preferably suits for leisure. But also as a T-shirt in combination with a strong white jeans, it understands the hue all skin types a warm up track.


Understatement-so this color tone (in the middle above) is best described. A color that stands for longevity, reserved, neutral without going into the offensive – but nevertheless enthusiastically.Even in the combination gray on gray, this color tone works.Whether it’s jeans, chino or t-shirts, gray always makes a good figure.

It is important to pay attention when you combine gray with gray, that this is at least a little different in nuances. So that the outfit does not look like from a cast. Otherwise, it quickly becomes boring.

Fashionable Styles That Should Not Be Missed In Spring 2017

Contrary to last spring, this year the colors seem to be less colorful, bangling and striking. Rather, it is about putting emphasis and with individual pieces in the trend colors 2017 consciously to score points. Which clothes and accessories you wear with these colors I would now like to deepen a bit, with the hip styles you should not miss in spring 2017. Where I say directly, some points can be argued.

Oversized Shoulders

As is well known, the trends of the current year are already six months ahead. So it was with the oversized shoulders, which last year saw the light of the world again. For me personally a trend, which I definitely will not pursue. Bomber jackets, coats and suit jackets with extremely wide, oversized shoulders do not have to be.Even an otherwise discreet garment is extremely noticeable.

Combination Of Different Labels

Something that was at least rarely seen on the catwalks of the world was the combination of different labels in one look. Rather, one has always paid attention only to the own brand in the outfit.The maximum is supplemented by basics whose labels can not be identified. However, this also seems to change and strengthened particularly in the everyday clothing pieces and accessories of different labels to combine with each other.

Should be self-evident, after all, you are not just walking around in the adidas or Nike uniform. And I told myself that adidas does not look so wrong in combination with Nike pieces… But you know that for sure, right?

The Cap

Or maybe baseball cap is probably one of the trend accessories 2017. Thanks to different styles, materials and designs, this is definitely one of the most versatile accessories that can be worn to every look. Even a dark blue suit with a light shirt makes a dark cap a good figure. Insofar as one would like this. Otherwise you will probably get these mainly with casual & casual leisure outfits to face.

Jacket Around The Waist

In combination with a baseball cap definitely a view. So it is no longer necessary to put the jacket over your shoulder or simply wear it when it is too warm. Man (n) may and should tie her around the waist. Something about which I personally would not mind, as I wear my jacket, if I do not wear it. It just happens intuitively. But since it is a trend I did not want to leave it unmentioned.

Play With The Width Of Your Stripes

Last year, when checkmats in all sizes and colors were announced, 2017 stripes seem to be back on trend. Again, it depends on the game with the pattern. The stripes are not equal stripes. Sometimes narrow, sometimes wide, sometimes a combination of both. Mainly, however, vertical stripes-cross-stripped one sees rather less.

It is not just the game with the width of the stripes. The combination of different colors can also become a sight. Here, the subtle variant, for example dark gray and black stripes or the conspicuous with strong contrasts, for example pastel shades combined with dark shades.

Baggy Pants

Skinny, narrow-cut and especially tight-fitting. This is a trend that has never really opened up to me. It’s also because I do not want to feel like a sausage in my jeans/chino. Now the other extreme seems to be coming: Baggy Pants. Hopefully not so strongly that the pants bring the double volume with it. Personally, I find a mean quite well: further, relaxed cuts, which nevertheless have a form and do not just hang on one. We can be curious about what is coming to us.