Mammut – Waterproof Storebag – Packsack

The reproaches of my mother are always similar in my memory. At that time it was mainly a messy children’s room. In trekking or mountaineering, however, the order has a completely different meaning.

Everything you need is carried on the body. I’ve heard from a few people that they just stuff everything into their backpack. On the other hand, I prefer packing bags, as I keep an overview of this and small parts do not disappear in the grass or unload the mountain when unpacking.

A very comfortable pack system comes from the company Mammut. The Waterproof Storebag-Packsack not only creates order, it also keeps the contents dry according to AllSetBackpacks. This is especially important when a down jacket or clothing is stuck in the pack bag.

The 2in1 Packsack

A funny thing about Mammut is that the Waterproof Storebag Packsack is delivered in a pack bag. So you get a second, slightly smaller pack bag.

The Big Brother

In the large pack has a comfortable sleeping bag or the complete clothing place. The contents are safely protected against penetrating water by a roller shutter and a 3000mm water column. The material makes a sturdy impression and can withstand even stiffer rocks or rocks. I myself own the 3L version, which however is much more generous, so that in addition to my summer sleeping bag also an inlett fit.

The Little Sister

The smaller pack bag is closed by a drawstring and is therefore not 100% waterproof. However, one can store coarsely small parts such as headlights or also mueslir great in it.


With the Waterproof Storebag – Packsack, Mammut has an attractive offer on the market, which can be convincing by a good price/performance ratio by adding the small packsack.