Manual Of The Cardigan And Sweater

No longer made days cold as earlier in the winter, so the to retire the heavy coats and bet on something lighter, that don’t get hot but at the same time you protect that cold breeze of the morning and late afternoon.

Cardigans and Sweaters are great for days so typical of half a season. Who lives in Sao Paulo you know well what I’m talking about: leaves home with cold, in mid-morning already beats a little heat, at lunchtime and in the afternoon it’s hot fantastic, then cold again in late afternoon and evening.
First of all, I want to clarify once and for all a question very often among men:
What is the difference between Cardigan and Sweater?
It’s very simple. The sweater is so, a closed wool knitted thin or thicker wool, which can have roll round or V neck until turtleneck. Already the Cardigan issoopen in front with buttons or zipper, mesh, too thin or thick wool. In other words, what distinguishes a sweater a Cardigan is the opening in front. Both are found in several colors: smooth, patterned, striped, checkered, etc.
Use a Cardigan or sweater is also very simple, because it is very easy to combine them with any kind of clothing and in any situation or environment: at work, at school, at a little bar, clubbing, cinema … Anyway, they are extremely versatile.See below for how to use them in different situations:


For use at work, if you have to work, or at parties and events that require a more elegant costume which you can find on SCIENCEDICT.
In these situations, give preference to the Cardigans and Sweaters, plain, without any pattern, and muted colors like black, gray or Navy Blue. At parties or formal events, where the social is indispensable, the Cardigan or Sweater can be worn under the jacket, replacing that traditional vest. Not to make a mistake, put on a sweater or Cardigan in the same color of the jacket and slacks. But this should only be done if it is really cold, because the combination Cardigan/Sweater + Jacket will warm you up a lot. If your work environment require complete social costume, the tips above can be applied. And if your work environment allows for a more informal social “, the jacket can be dropped and you can use just a shirt, a tie and a social sweater or Cardigan over, all this accompanied by a formal black pants and a social shoe, of course.

If you’re the more adventurous or fashionistas and have a party or event during the day you can play with the color of the jacket. Not to make a mistake, put a shirt on a Cardigan or Sweater of neutral color. Get inspired in the last picture!


For use at work, if your work environment allows for a more relax, or to go to the movies, dinner or lunch in a restaurant, among other occasions that you want to be nice and tidy without social welfare.
To assemble a casual look with a Cardigan or sweater, the equation is simple: social Shirt or Sport Shirt/Cardigan + Sweater + jeans + Shoe or Shoes or social Mocassin.
If you put a shirt on a Cardigan or Sweater color sober, dark jeans, no stains, tears, and the like, and a social and a shoe leather belt in the same color of the shoe, the look will be more serious, great for work, go on job interviews, etc.
If you put a sport shirt (for example a Plaid Shirt), a Cardigan or Sweater in the colour you want (as long as the color is not fighting with the color of the shirt), a pair of jeans that need not necessarily be as clean as it was told above and a shoes or mocassin, you will have a look more stripped while be stylish , great for walks as cinema, restaurant, bars, and ballads, and even if you don’t like a lot of daring on the clothes.

Another tip to look to ride, is to put a social color shirt lisa sober and a Cardigan or Sweater for a bolder color such as pink, blue, purple, green, etc. Or the other way around: A social color shirt and striking a Cardigan or Sweater sober color.
The Cardigans and checkered Sweaters are also a good option. Not to miss, combine them with social color shirts sober.
Fold the sleeves of the shirt out of the Cardigan or Sweater will give a special touch to the look.


For use in the Club, at the bar, at barbecues and any informal tour.
In the informal look, Cardigans or Sweaters can be of diverse colors and prints, and can be combined with t-shirts and poles. Can be used with pants and jeans or denim shorts. With sneakers, shoes or moccasins. Hats and caps can be aggregated to the look. Belts of different types too.

Cardigans and Sweaters can be easily found in many stores:

-In a beautiful and always have Zara of quality, for an average price of 80 to 100 reais.
-In TNG the squared and striped are high, and the best is that you can buy online. Click here to choose your!