Masculine Perfumes to Use Everyday

How are you guys doing?
I’m going to talk about a matter that’s very important to you, after all who doesn’t want to come out smelly, elegant and refined for a working environment to attract that respectable attention? ūüėČ
A good look is a fundamental prerequisite for causing a good impression. In the corporate environment, he can become a great ally at the time of closing a business, selling an idea or even getting a promotion. Isn’t that right?
The main caution you have to take is to be well noticed, without becoming the center of attention, in the negative aspect. The excess of visual information can harm you and the use of a very strong perfume can, not only cause a bad impression, as mark it negatively (fact). For work, the recommendation is in the use of relatively mild fragrances, pertaining to the citrus family, foug√®re or Woody. Avoid excessive fruity notes or many sweetened essences. Be careful not to exaggerate and contaminate the environment, bothering people around. Applying the excess perfume saturates the nose of those who wears it and you don’t even realize it went beyond the account in the amount of fragrance used.
Check out a selection of male perfumes indicated for everyday, exclusively for the work I say.

Boss, HUGO boss The perfume translates the elegance of the brand that became known for its masculine clothing designer. Its amaderadas notes combine apple, bergamot, cinnamon, clove and cedar wood.
KOUROS SILVER, YVES SAINT LAURENT The legendary fragrance of the brand created in 1981 won a modernized. The perfume counts with Apple and salvia in the smell, with a woody background to give identity to the contemporary man.
CK One, CALVIN KLEIN the unisex perfume is a classic joker since 94. Mild and refreshing fragrance, makes a citrus blend, with bergamot, cardamom, tangerine and lavender. Green tea and orange blossom complete the signature, accompanying it during the day.
INVICTUS, PACO RABANNE The perfume is a fresh oriental, with citrus notes that combine with woody and spicy. It accompanies very well the day-to-day. It is versatile and can be used in both warm and cold climates.
Armani code ice, GIORGIO Armani’s ice version of the classic contemporary Armani code is lighter and refreshing, itself to give more identity at work. The fragrance Amadeirada by Fava Tolka gains aroma of spices, combining with mint, lemon and subtle sweetened notes.
AQUA POUR HOMME, BVLGARI This is a perfume for those looking for a striking and elegant fragrance for everyday life. The label counts with marine banknotes combining with citrus aromas. To complete, an end woody of Cedar provides more identity at work.
Coffee MAN, the apothecary The perfume brings to compose the masculine perfume one of the Brazilian preferences: the coffee. Inspired by Indian culture, the fragrance still counts on tobacco touch, leather to strengthen the sophistication of the cosmopolitan man.
Ralph Lauren POLO BLUE, Ralph lauren the classic Ralph Lauren combines well with the day and is recommended for the summer, for having a mild and refreshing fragrance. The notes of tangerine, mint, musk and leather give personality to perfume.
Dior HOMME SPORT, Dior The perfume is indicated for a business lunch. The differential in this fragrance is the combination of the Sicilian lemon citrus, with the ginger and a woody background of Virginia Cedar.
212 Men ‚Äď CAROLINA HERRERA One of the most sought-after perfumes by man offers a more imposing fragrance, but can be used in everyday life, in professional environments. The label counts with Woody notes, floral, spices, lavender and ginger.