Maserati Quattroporte

B & W was always on Zack, when it came to innovations. But with the Maserati Trident Grill run on the British absolute top form. We could convince us in an exclusive test ride.

Spectacular and exorbitantly expensive to get cars to a true verdict, that is not verkleistert by spontaneous enthusiasm, a simple question will help: suppose money would play no role, it would have to commit himself to a single vehicle for the rest of all days – one would take this into account?

So far the author of these dream cars only at three local locations found: Zuffenhausen, Affalterbach and Garching. Because of the sound of the engine over the sound of the Audio system until to the synthesis of practicality and sportsmanship simply everything fits. Yet the Italian city of Modena will add the new Maserati Quattroporte. As the highly motivated team of enthusiasts got out the balancing act between sports car and a luxury sedan, worthy of respect. The engineers sacrificed little motorized flair for the transition from a Ferrari on the self-developed V8 Biturbo engine over the last generation.

For this, they created the perfect base with its torque-wonder for his sound of the occupants. This task took over a partnership that prick up their ears can be within the HiFi scene: first the awarded venerable British boxing Bauer B & W his name in license to another company. The surround system of the new, drawn by Pininfarina Quattroporte was created under the auspices of Harman automotive in Karlovy Vary.

Maserati Quattroporte: HiFi equipment

Hardly the amazement over this liaison has settled, one is amazed about the key of the system: 15 speakers with 16 amplifier channels. An engineer from Bowers & Wilkins makes it clear “Yes, you heard correctly”, “The subwoofer has a coil.” This thick Brummer with dimensions 320 x 200mm is perched on the rear shelf of four-door sedan lined with soft leather.

In this place subwoofers noticeable passengers sometimes hum and extreme body sound transmission on the Fund. Not so in the Quattroporte, which allows an extremely clean, naturally tuned sound at all courses. It was able to AUDIO in a driving test at the Côte d’Azur convince – a few weeks before the world premiere mid-January at the Detroit Motor Show. 5.26 meters-long dream in paint and leather expires the rank the most living rooms not only in terms of luxury and comfort.

Listen to sample

To this intense, touching all senses sound experience, many high-Ender wrestle half her life. Brute dynamics and sovereignty in the car are now alone do not feature. But when such a casualness without pressed voices, strings and brass, it is properly tight even for very expensive home systems. Especially in the bass, precision, balance and differentiation capacity set the standard for any kind of audio system beyond live concerts. The introductory drums in ‘Africa’ (toto, “XX”) burned deeply in the mind of the author.

Like he has heard only once: in the Ferrari FF, whose four door bass of a similar caliber is like that of the Maserati. Their 16, 5 cm membranes are made of a lightweight carbon fiber Rohacell mix. Both materials come from the formula 1 respectively from the aerospace industry. The multi-channel DSP amplifier contributed by Harman thus allowing authenticity, is a through ball for the Midrange section, which surely brings home victory for all categories of vehicles.

Almost Needless to say, that the 10 cm-Koni of the midrange consist of yellow Kevlar – the unofficial trademark of B & W. But not only bandwidth, sound fidelity and resolution currently unrivalled in the car. Also the spatial figure convinced completely.

The sound presets “Stereo”, “On Stage” and “Ambience” show the enormous potential of the procedure brought by Harman to series production “Quantum logic” obviously is not a new surround gimmick with synthetic aftertaste. It allows completely different, perfectly focused sound perspectives and pinning the instruments as it can otherwise only the Swedish DIRAC live.

If the author hardly any of the great Maserati talks, there must be an acoustic phenomenon. But the Quattroporte has a strict door: who wants to enter this V8-Music-Club, must shell out at least 145,000 euros.