Men’s Autumn Trend: British 60s

Not only because in the fall the temperatures get colder again and the weather becomes more and more unstable, it is worth taking a look over “to the island”: in England the weather is known as always a little whimsy.

Not only for this reason, the British have a good hand for special looks and exceptional styles. From a fashionable point of view, Great Britain-and above all, of course, the modem metropolis of London-has been a trendsetter for decades.

This autumn, we will once again go on a fashionable journey through time that led back to the 1960s, which were definitely controlled “from the island” in terms of trends! The look of the “British 60s” is always a revival in the women’s fashion. This season , the Brit Chic is also one of the hottest masculine themes! Whether Mod Coolness, Beatles-Lässigigkeit or James Bond-Sophistication: The key-look of the Swinging Sixties is no way around for the gentlemen!

Very British, Very Trendy: Smart Fashion Reminiscence To The Swinging Sixties

British fashion has stood for stylish extravagance for decades. London has been a key determinant of European trends for several decades. The “fine English style” dresses this autumn as a 60s revival in the men’s fashion a cool facelift!

This is not about the rather conservative, elitist country look, à la Prince Charles, who thinks more of the English landmark than of urban coolness. The British Sixties prove rather a casual re-edition of the subversive Mod and Beatles look ‘British Sexiness’! As a deliberate demarcation to the conservative clothing style and customs costume, the generation of youth in the England of the 60s threw over the rules of the clothing and brought with it a new look not only fresh wind into the street scene, but also into the social understanding of a whole generation , The mods, short for modernists, were mostly “children of the working class” who, in narrow suits and parkas, left behind the conservative views and the prudishness of the middle class which they had descended from. They rebelled against prevailing social conventions, which made social advancement due to their own origin-and not least of clothing-more difficult. In tailor-made suits, stylish brand clothing and a perfectly sitting hairstyle, the mods blurred the boundaries between the classes. Today, especially the Mod-Look of the British 60s celebrates a fulminant comeback and lends its wearers the same coolness and nonchalance as 50 years ago!

Brit Chic In A Cool New Edition-The 60s Look Is Styled

The classic Brit Chic is a timeless and elegant look that lives from muted colors like black, brown, beige, gray or dark blue and casual accents, as made for cool days! There is just as little way to go to Karos or the typical British “Glencheck” this fall as well as cool mod pieces like parkas or narrow ties. We reveal what is important in the Brit-Chic men’s event and how to design it in a contemporary style.

These Are The Core Elements Of The British 60s Look:

Whether for coats, jackets, suits, trousers, scarves or neckties: Karos give clothes almost automatically a typical English touch.

In addition to velvet, cord and woolen also play a significant role in this trend, especiallyTweed, “Pepper-and-Salt” as well as herringbone patterns.

Narrow-cut suits celebrate an elegant comeback in both the business and recreation areas and, due to the slim silhouette, they feel fresh and casual today, without losing their seriousness. The Beatles, who revolutionized not only the music but also the fashion world, gave fashionable guidance in this regard already in the 60s.

The three-piece, slim-fit, ruffle-cut jacket and classic vest worn over the shirt are an elegant 60s reminiscence which, together with thin ties (an unavoidable accessory from the 60s!), Ismade for official events or business appointments are.

Yes, knit sweaters are back! With a button-down shirt and colored chino, you are stylistically shaping the sleeveless relatives of the sweater and anything but petty. For example, a leather or blouson jacket or-very British-a duffle coat or parka!

Narrow cashmere sweaters and patterned 60s knit sweaters are also a good choice for cool days. Both muted colors and eye-catching patterns are allowed and give your look a special touch.

Narrow cuts are an unmistakable quotation to the Swinging Sixties, both in the area of ​​the zipper and jeans. While the pants were still wide and bulky for gentlemen in the 1950s, the leg was again emphasized by a rather narrow shaft width in the 1960s.

Coats are indispensable for the 60s masterpiece: Dufflecoats or Mod-style parkas are just as fashionable, as are more elegant styles, such as Burberry-style trenchcoats, double-breasted cabane jackets with large collars, or long coats of warm woolen fabrics.

The look of the British 60s is perfected by the right hairstyle: a modern version of the “mushroom head” in the Beatles style or a haircut, which is based on the typical Mod hairstyle, perfectly match the casual elegance of the retro look! Typical for the mod cut: long coat hair and a bevelled pony part, which partly falls into the face or even an eye obscured.

Accessories play an elementary role at the Brit Chic. In addition to narrow ties and fine woolen scarves, there are caps and-for the exta mod feel – buttons on parka or jacket collar as well as on bags that make your styling perfect. The round, blue-white-red cockade of the Royal Airforce became the “Mod Target” as the typical symbol of the Mod movement. Cool and ideal for cool days are also shoelaces in the style of British “Newsboy Caps”, which give your look a particularly cheeky note. Make sure that your shoes (whether it’s the mod-typical lace-up boots, narrow Chelsea boots à la Beatles, comfortable desert boots or classic lace-up laces) are always well-groomed.

Here Again All The Keypieces For The Look Of The British 60s At A Glance:

Fitted shirts with Kent or button-down collar

Slim jacket with two or three buttons

Sweater, narrow knitted cardigans, (patterned) sweater with V-neck or roll-neck sweater (fine or coarse knit)

Parkas, duffle or trenchcoats or classic woolen coats (deliberately oversized)

Accessories: patterned or monochrome silk scarves, plaid woolen scarves, narrow ties (usually black or dark), handkerchiefs as a colored accent

Pattern: pinstripes, checks, Glencheck

Shoes: Budapest, Lace-Ups, Chelsea Boots, Slippers or Docksider, Doc Martens or Desertboots

Materials: velvet, cord, seersucker, coarse knit, woolen like tweed, canvas

Maybe you’re driving a scooter? Typical for the Mod movement were Vespas! This makes you the sleeken, modernly laid out 60s look really complete, but of course you can also jump on the 60s train without motorized Untersatz!