Men’s Shirt: The Importance of Size in a Men’s Shirt

I’m always asked by clients and friends: “Alberto, what’s the biggest tip to start dressing well?”

I made a video a while back talking about whether to accept and from there begin to improve what can be improved. We must always be evolving.

But based on the fact that you accept the way it is and you want from there evolve we will the answer to the question in a more tangible.

This is a question about what we should do to dress well is quite frequent. And then they (clients and friends) generally speaking: match colors… don’t know what style should I follow…, I don’t know a shoe “oxford” a shoe “brogue”.

“Fit Is King”

Then I look for clothes that are using and think: there’s a concern that you should have before thinking about these issues.

And then I always have the answer on the tip of your tongue: “focus on the size!”

That’s right. Size. And when I speak in size, I trim, I speak as a proportion of the clothes.

In English there is a very well-known phrase among those who admire the male fashion:”fitting is king!” which means “fit is King”.

Size: The Biggest Factor To Master The Elegance

Knowledge of the fundamentals of size for clothing are essential and most often neglected.

Whether in male pants (jeans, khakis, suit pants, slacks, and even bermudas and shorts), whether in the social, shirts , knitted shirts, polo shirts, jackets, blazers, in jackets, in general the Brazilian man ignores completely the size factor.

A great “guilty” of this is concept of comfort.

The man ends up confusing comfort with baggy clothes. Only to cause a sense of prominence and power in the people, you have to find an optimal size for your clothes so that neither too tight and you limit the movements, nor stay loose too much giving that feeling if leftover cloth for your entire body.

Back In The Time Tunnel:

Let’s go back a little in time?

Decades ago the Brazilian man dressed much better than today.

Why is that?

Because he dominated the size factor. As it was common to send a tailored shirt, this man of the past used to have a fully adjusted to suit your body.

Tailored Shirts

Get a tailored shirt is a good step to begin to have the feeling of having a piece that will enhance your body, as thefreegeography advises.

Luckily, today there is good water commissions online where you can view the tutorial and take its own measures and send it to them and receive via mail a framed shirt to your body.

Myself a while ago I recorded a video on tailored shirts. In this video I’m receiving mail order and then trying the shirt in front of the camera.

In another video I talked about how you can get a shirt your social and have to make minor adjustments in it and and “shaped” to your body.

That same video I give tips on how to find a store clothing adjustments.

The fact is: the market is not worried about doing variations of the format for a same size.

Is much more practical for them to make models in every size to fit as many different bodies as possible.

And with that you end up taking for example a shirt that’s right on the seam on the shoulder, but down on the trunk is fully let go.

When man is aware of the sewing line factor between manga and shoulders.

There are several basics to be studied by getting ACE in size and trim. But all of these factors are worth mastering, because thereafter you will change the “shape” of your clothes and feel more empodeirado.

A Good Start:

Start with the following thought: “I can’t be with extra cloth around my body.

Only then you start paying attention and begins to notice the guys who you consider stylish first of all they are displaying expensive clothes or brand.They are wearing an outfit that’s in perfect trim in their bodies.

Master size as I said before, requires a little knowledge and is one of the biggest tips I can find for anyone who wants to have a positive change in your visual logo.

You even maintaining the current style and just changing the size and fit of her clothes (trousers, shirts, jackets, blazers, suits) you will notice the change in the way people see you.

Remember the article I wrote: ” what can we learn from the coach of Germany” and note in the photos as the fit of the clothes of Joachim Low

King size, trim is King. Allow to change your style of dress for after mastering this essential foundation for a man to be considered elegant and stylish.