Men’s Winter Jacket Buying Guide

Body type as slim, sturdy, athletes like a belly even can choose a jacket, which is a solid color, or has longitudinal stripes. Thigh and knee-length is also suitable for all men.

Body type influence the choice of a coat. Slew a man is a good idea to consider what kind of coat flatters her body.

Needless longitudinal cuts and straight sleeves to flatter the body of all types of men, including women. The deep V-neckline and moderate collar and shawl collar dress their all men.

All men can choose, regardless of body type jacket, with embedded, discrete pockets and hidden buttons or medium-sized buttons. The cover of pockets are a good choice, if the pockets are not in the man’s body problem item.

Suitable Jackets for All Body Types:

  • Single color
  • Longitudinal stripes
  • Longitudinal cuts
  • Thigh and knee length
  • Equipped with a V-neckline and a moderate collar.

Body type Slim

Slim Men Prefer the Choice of Coat:

  • Slim Short : knee-length or shorter lengths
  • Short Slim : one color without reason, the screen prints only moderate, for example, glencheck.
  • Long Slim : all lengths
  • Long Slim : one color without reason, of impressive screen prints
  • Position and the cover pockets
  • The horizontal plane of zippers
  • Tamppeja
  • Pullover
  • Spectacular buttons.

Slim Men Avoid in Selecting Coat:

  • Overly narrow models
  • Short slim: the length of the calf, and very thick down jackets.

Good Choices of Jackets:

  • Trench coats
  • Duffle
  • Wool coats with herrainkaulukset
  • Anoraks
  • Leather jackets
  • Jackets.

Normal Body Type

Man of Normal Body Type Prefer the Choice of Coat:

  • Landing, relatively thin fabrics quality
  • All lengths short to long
  • Thoughtful touches, such as pockets, and belt tightening.

Man of Normal Body Type Avoid the Choice of Coat:

  • Thick, stiff fabrics
  • Narrow lines
  • Thick quilted jacket.

Good Choices of Coat:

  • Trench coats
  • Duffle
  • Boarding-style options
  • Safari Jacket Women options
  • Classic Ulster
  • Moderate straight line coats with herrainkaulukset.

Stocky Body Type

Man of Stocky Body Type Prefer the Choice of Coat:

  • Aircraft landing fabrics
  • Half the length of the thigh to below the knee, long man also these longer possible
  • Longitudinal lines and cuts
  • One color prosecution or vertical stripes
  • Vertical pockets.

Man of Stocky Body Type Avoid the Choice of Coat:

  • Furry, stiff and thick fabrics
  • Big-screen prints
  • The position and pockets cover the midriff
  • Transverse, visible zippers
  • Short resorihelmaisia ​​attire, which have large pockets at the center of the body.

Good Choices of Coat:

  • Classic Ulster
  • Jackets, which is not the belt
  • A straight line, thigh-length jackets
  • Ulster knee-length, with longitudinal cuts.

Sturdy Body Type

Man of Sturdy Body Type Prefer the Choice of Coat:

  • Landing, thin-quality fabrics
  • Longitudinal lines
  • Heavy with half the thigh to the calf lengths depending on the length of their own
  • One color prosecution or longitudinal stripes
  • Embedded pockets
  • Pullover
  • Spectacular collars.

Man of Sturdy Body Type Avoid the Choice of Coat:

  • Thick, stiff fabrics
  • Screen prints
  • Seat pockets
  • Belts
  • Transverse cuts and details
  • Short resorihelmaisia ​​attire with large pockets on the torso
  • Stiff leather jackets
  • Thick quilted jacket.

Good Choices of Coat:

  • Hidden buttons, sleek, knee-length ulster
  • Classic Ulster, wherein herrainkaulus.