Microsoft and Android, a Vampiric-Colleague Relationship

Android and Microsoft have a strange relationship. Yesterday without going any further, the company announced that Android applications could be executed in Windows 10 not just changes in the code, thanks to a new layer runtime. In the case of applications iOS can import your code natively.

As a developer of operating systems, Microsoft has been affected by the maelstrom “post-pc”, the leap from desktop to smartphones increasingly powerful devices, able to perform most of the functions for which we needed before Tower, keyboard and monitor. Without reaction ran the risk of becoming irrelevant.

The reaction, perhaps late and very “Microsoft style”, has had the fruits that strange monster of Frankenstein which is Windows 8, where live PC applications with others designed for mobiles, they puzzle and scare the average user. And more than one advanced, since in the business sector there are many who have chosen to stay solvent Windows 7 for a simple reason of productivity and avoid costs of learning.

Android, and Nokia could be and was not

Nokia, emblem of European innovation, could opt for Android. Instead of that path desired by many, he began a love affair with Microsoft which served to revive the Windows Phone brand and, ultimately, the near-extinction of the Nokia brand. At least as a reference in mobile developer.

And when no one would give a hard by a Nokia with Android, and continuing under the umbrella of Windows Phone, are those almost experimental projects such as the Nokia X and its successor, the X 2. Terminals that work with a version of Android as updated externally appear to another Windows Phone.

What was this maneuver? We are still asking us. Microsoft seems that too, because it took little to announce that they would use pure Windows Phone as the rest of their brethren from range.

This first flirtation with the Green robots, who knows, Perhaps it helped them to better understand Android and prepare for what announced yesterday.

How to win money with Android free Android

The Microsoft relationship with Android doesn’t end or start there. Long before, and after the typical software patent assignment agreements, Microsoft enters a percentage of the sale of much of Android handsets. Figures, according to some estimates, could have come to account for up to 2000 billion dollars annually for this concept.

With revenues guaranteed thanks to your competition in the mobile market, Microsoft can afford to give away its mobile operating system and thus promote the use of its own platform.

If you are not coming to Windows Phone, we will wherever you are you

Microsoft’s apps for Android? So without a doubt, and heaps. The company do not forget Android when it comes to releasing versions of its applications, like Office, applications developed by Microsoft people in their spare time and with the support of the company, to scan documents, or even an experimental keyboard for Android Wear.

Not a few movements such puzzles them. What wins Microsoft developing for the platform of the competition? Microsoft as a company is big, hard to assimilate in size, and in spite of this, we tend to see it as a whole. In practice, a team develops applications for Android, while another tries to eat him ground to Android.

At the end, Microsoft sells services, and to reach a larger market should not be outside of Android. It is more likely to sell licenses of Office if the buyer knows that it will be able to edit your documents to your Android tablet, to give a simple example.

Different strategies

While Microsoft sees mobile as an extension of your desktop, Google poses it as “do desktop? of the past or something? “.” Google is focused on the mobile, while Microsoft has it as one platform more that be, and it tries that the user does not lose the experience that is on the desktop.

In the Build yesterday promised that their Windows 10 terminals will be a full PC by connecting them to a monitor and keyboard. We, who insist that you “the best of both worlds”. Don’t worry, you won’t have to give up the desktop, we’re here to give you what you’re missing with mobile systems.

They do not need Windows to dominate in mobile, just be and earn some money. Already has revenues covered by patents, so a little no matter if Android dominates because already carried its share without commercial effort. And what you gain with Windows Phone as better. For Microsoft, its relationship with Android is guaranteed gain.