Microsoft Launches Onedrive with 7GB of Free Storage, But You Can Gain More Space

After losing a court case in the UK that forced her to give up the brand SkyDrive, Microsoft changed the name of the file storage service for onedrive. The new name was officially announced in late January and the change began to appear for all users on Wednesday (19). The onedrive continues to offer the same 7 GB of free storage, but with the good news: You can gain more space completing some tasks.

The easiest way to gain additional space is activating the photo backup feature: the app will automatically upload your photos and videos to onedrive, allowing you to access them from any device. The application for Android has been updated to support the feature, which was already available in the version for iOS since November last year. Enabling the feature, you gain an additional 3 GB.

Microsoft also launched a scheme indications that closely resembles Dropbox: If you invite someone to join onedrive, both you and your friend will earn an additional 500 MB. You can specify up to 10 people, which ensures up to 5 GB of extra space. It’s cool to be a win-win scheme and was certainly one of those responsible for Dropbox grow so much.

For those with a subscription to Office 365, Microsoft offers 20GB additional per person. The license of Office 365 Home Premium, which in Brazil has suggested price of $ 209 per year or R $ 21 per month, allows you to share facilities Office for PC or Mac and benefits (additional space on onedrive and minutes on Skype) with up five people.

In addition to providing annual plans, Microsoft also happens to sell monthly subscriptions onedrive, adding 50GB (US $ 46 / year or R $ 11.99 / month), 100GB (R $ 93 / year or R $ 18, 99 / month) or 200 GB (R $ 186 / year or R $ 27.99 / month) space to the user account. Microsoft claims that the transaction is international, so these are only reference values ​​and may vary according to the exchange. In addition, there are collection IOF.

On Twitter, Microsoft taught how users can earn 100 GB of free additional space for one year. It’s just solve this puzzle:



Making it easy for those who do not want to break the head translated, the message says “The first hundred thousand users who log in today from 11:11 (Pacific Time) will receive 100 GB of additional space.” Then you already know: from 16h11 at the time of Brasilia, between the onedrive to rescue the extra gigabytes.

If you use SkyDrive and have not noticed any difference, you need not do anything: all users will be automatically migrated to onedrive gradually. The current SkyDrive apps will still work, but Microsoft gradually release updated versions with the new brand.