Microsoft Smart Band

The Washington company introduced its own smart band last night. Now, the group is one of the last large companies that follow the current hype surrounding the wearables. It doesn’t bring big innovations, for it can boast good compatibility.

The smart band that is actually just “Microsoft band”, is actually only a little tricked-out Fitness tracker. Thanks to multiple accelerometers and Gyrometern movements are recorded. In addition, the band has a GPS sensor and is able to measure the heart rate. A UV meter is also that the current intensity of sunlight can verify.
Like all current wearables, the Microsoft tape via a Bluetooth 4.0 connection joinswith the Smartphone. Use of extra applications, the user can read now its values and statistics.
Because the Microsoft tape has a 11 x 33 millimeters large TFT display, it‘s also possible display text messages, emails, calendar entries or Facebook notifications.Taxes can be the band, either by touch screen control or by language Wizard Cortana. On incoming calls, the user is made aware by vibration. Messages can be also.
The Smart Strip is powered by an ARM CortexM4 processor, which pulses in its acore 3.4 GHz. The entire band will be splash-proof, but it is not waterproof. The real feature of the Microsoft tape is its wide compatibility. The band with Windows phone is compatible was to be expected, but also to support Android and iOS devices. The battery life indicates Microsoft even with around 48 hours.
The Microsoft tape will be in three sizes. 39 and 41 mm and 49 mm. A separate size guide will help the buyer to find out the right size for his wrist. The band now for $ 199 will be available on Sportsqna. It is not yet known when the band inGermany will be available.