Mio Cyclo 505 HC in the Practice Test

Pre-installed maps including forest roads suited the bike GPS Mio cyclo 505 HC ideal for mountain bikers.

A chic and sleek alternative to the Smartphone delivers 505 HC million with the new cyclo. The 129 grams light GPS device is ideally suited for sporting use. And what you get for the proud purchase price of almost 470 euros, can be seen: the maps based on open street map (OSM) and Tele Atlas includes 23 European countries included maps.

To join all sensors, which requires the cyclist for the acquisition of his tours: heart rate, Cadence and speed sensor to monitor the services and make out on the 3-inch touch screen. A built-in Wi-FI module Mio can synchronize 505 HC wireless cyclo million servers.

To operate properly

Operation via the large enough tiles reminds a bit of the Smartphone operating system Windows phone and not always precisely manages the touchscreen on the road properly – only reacts when wet. The Mio cyclo 505 HC provides several ways to navigate: you can calculate a route from A to B classically or spend up to three random routes in the “surprise me” mode.

Taking into account the software limits with those cobblestones, cycling routes or unpaved roads avoid can. In addition, you can download a route to the device and follow them. Overview mode displays all driving data, the fields can be customize as desired and prove.

Routes not always ideal

Cyclo makes 505 HC Mio ride a regular figure on the handlebars, even if one should leave the calculated route – particularly those in the ‘surprise me’ mode – not always blind. There are good tracks, but it also happens that the one or the other random route is not quite so ideal.

Thanks to pre-installed bike map, that recommends Mio especially for mountain bikers: the OSM-based map displays although no contour lines, but the trails are clearly marked. At the Mio cyclo 505 HC in the test below a speed of approximately 7 km/h broke off the GPS reception, it is advisable to install the supplied speed sensor, to avoid incomplete records, for example when slow mountain stages.

Mio provides a portal called Mioshare, which you can obtain new tours or upload your own tours. Mioshare is available through the browser or through a PC software (Note: not all browsers are compatible, Firefox for example it is not).

Mac users look in terms equipment update unfortunately still in the tube, here Mio however praised rectification.

Mio cyclo 505 HC: facilities

+ rich facilities including cycling maps and sensors + Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 + battery life approximately 12 hour high price

Mio cyclo 505 HC: operation

-Display reflecting hakelige management via browser application and desktop software Mioshare-

Mio cyclo 505 HC: conclusion

The Mio cyclo 505 HC is a well equipped GPS bike computer for sporty cyclists. Only the Administration could be slightly less inconvenient.