Mirrored Sunglasses: Everything about This Trend and 55 Models

The fashion of the mirrored sunglasses is super high! Do you already have yours? Are you in doubt about which one to choose? We made this post to give you a little help, showing how these items can make you more modern and fashion, regardless of the look. At the end of the post, we’ve also brought tips for men as well Check out and stay on top of that trend.

Female Mirrored Sunglasses Models

Want to know the models of women’s mirrored sunglasses that are most successful? Many famous and fashionistas have adhered to this accessory and you can not be left out. SunglassesWill selected below the most amazing mirror lenses of the moment for you to be inspired and assemble your collection!


If you want to blend a feminine and delicate color into a super modern sunglasses model wager on pink. There are several shades for you to invest and look wonderful on a sunny day, beach, work, college, and many other occasions.

There are shades of pink lighter, others darker, pink and purple. These colors are very successful these days and can match many other colors without the least problem. After all, these accessories can be any color, they serve to complement your look in a very simple and relaxed.

There are several types of frames of pink mirrored sunglasses: the famous aviator, with wider, thinner frames, with acrylic, plastic, and many other types. Also worth knowing that mirror lenses may also have frames with prints, such as poas and animal print.

And if you are in doubt as to how to compose your look with this modern glasses, just keep in mind that this piece is super stripped and asks for clothes of the same style. Prefer t-shirts, croppeds , jeans, light clothing. However, it is worth knowing that many women have invested in these glasses with more conventional clothes, such as office looks.


Silver and gold are more and more in our day to day, they are jewels, bijou, in the clothes, in the shoes, in the make and now also in the mirrored sunglasses. They are extremely charming and sophisticated, and can match with, say, more neat looks.

Many bloggers, such as Camila Coelho, Thássia Naves and even socialite Kendall Jenner, love these types of glasses and abuse their mirrors in structured and modernized looks. They show that there is no bad time to wear an accessory like this.

The silver ones tend to look amazing on blond women, and the gold on the brunettes, but that’s no rule, no. The tip is to try the glasses right and choose the one that best fit your face and match your style.

Nowadays the most sought after frames are the rounds, either with the thicker or thinner frame. The squares are also still successful, but the larger ones, which cover part of the eyebrow.

The cool thing about choosing a mirrored glasses to compose your looks is that you will hardly need other more flashy accessories . This glasses will be enough for you to wipe out anywhere!


Another color that makes it successful when the subject is mirrored sunglasses is blue. There are models with several shades for you to stay in that cruel doubt and in the end take everyone! LOL. But it is true, since these are usually very beautiful and match with any woman.

There are unique blues and those that form a gradient in the lens, but the two are very beautiful and give the look a different touch. They are widely used in events like music festivals such as Rock in Rio, Lollapalooza, Coachella in raves, etc. And if you are looking for a current model of glasses to parade along the beach, know that this is the right one!

The good thing about the blue lens is that it can lighten the face and leave any look more animated. You know that trick of the glasses when we’re not on a cool day? With this blue mirrored sunglasses you will show that you are divando, even being in a moment borocochô.

Another tip is that blue is so versatile that you can wear glasses of this color on both hot and cold days. There are many people who like to hide behind a beautiful pair of glasses in winter or fall, when neither sun has It’s chic!


The round eyewear goes back and forth in fashion, repaginated, retro, in many models, colors, frames, and leaves any look much more stylish. They make the most of the female audience, but nevertheless, they tend to look good only on girls who have thin, hexagonal, or oval faces. Round faces do not match much with this type of frame.

If you’re looking for a full-bodied model of glasses, you’ve already found it. This round can complement several looks that before seemed dull, why not invest?

Nowadays there are many models to choose from, with mirrored lenses of different colors as well. The idea is that you always try and then not regret it. Well, it’s very common to buy it because we think it’s beautiful-and in fact this model is incredible-but when you get home it does not look nice on your face. If you go shopping at online stores, so if you have a round face, it is best to rethink this model of glasses and prefer some other.

If you play headlong in any style that this glasses provides! After all, it was a fever during the 1970s, when John Lennon, Janis Joplin and Ozzy Osbourne, paraded the outfit.

Men’s Mirrored Sunglasses Models

Men do not miss out on the fashion of mirrored sunglasses, no! They also have at their disposal in the market numerous incredibly beautiful and modern models. Many are already taking advantage of this trend to use in different locations, some of which have no restrictions on occasions and even use to work.

In this case, it is very cool the contrast that the stripping of the glasses with the sobriety of the social clothes cause, leaving any young man with a modern and provocative look, since it escapes the standards.

Men with round faces should only edit the models of this same format, just like women. Those who have square face also, since it can overwhelm the look.

Mirrored sunglasses really are fashionable and their success has no expiration no. If you have any questions about the models we brought here or a suggestion, I left a comment for us. Kiss!