Mizuno Women’s Tennis

Hello, today the tip is about the tennis women’s mizuno, ideal for those who like to run, after all, it is very important to the practice of physical activity, whatever it may be, and the race has gained more and more followers these last few years.

Mizuno is a Japanese company founded in 1906 in Osaka, here in Brazil she is the leader of one of the most important segments of athletic shoes called running performance, and there’s a reason for that, she is the only company with certified quality label Society Brazilian of sports medicine, not bad huh?

The company is considered a pioneer in the development of new technologies with regard to the individual particularities of gender, that is, it develops your trainers taking into account biomechanical differences between men and women.

The mizuno wave creation female is among the best selling models, the company is already in the 16 model and always with some improvement on time. The wave creation 16 model features a new technology called new infinity wave, is a sign that was redraws with cuts in strategic locations, justamento in those where the foot flexes, it provided a 40% gain in flexibility. This was just one of the improvements of the new model, the company takes really serious about customer satisfaction by providing a better design to each new model, and detail, there is most suitable for each kind of Stomp.

For example, the mizuno wave creation is ideal for neutral or supinated, I stepped the mizuno paradox was developed for those who have trodden the pronated. Is the type of information that no one knows but it is important and can avoid future injuries.

Women’s Mizuno Wave 4 Profecy

Is the most powerful model of the mizuno, in your new issue your plate comes with Infinity Wavetechnology, which made the tennis 40% more flexible and increased by 26% to shock absorption. The new composition of the polymers resulted in an EVA 30% lighter. That’s the most expensive model, the price is around R $1099.00. More details: Mizuno Wave 4 Profecy.

Mizuno women’s Wave Creation 16

Is the intermediate model, counts with almost all technologies of the Profecy, is perhaps the most widely used model for corridors. The average price is R $650.00. Details: Mizuno Wave Creation 16.

Women’s Mizuno Wave Enigma 4

Is the simplest version of the wave model, for those who are starting or run only as a hobby is ideal. The average value is $ $349.90. To learn more: paradisdachat.com.

Women’s Mizuno Wave Paradox

Designed for runners with trodden pronated. The proposal that tennis is to maintain the effectiveness of the initial cushioning for long distances. Price around £ $499.00. Mizuno Wave Paradox.